you say the Shanghai experience, love the experience of Shanghai on-line time is not long, visibility is not high (always live in Shanghai, Shanghai know love love encyclopedia shadow), there are many external competitors; as the actual type of knowledge website, love the experience of Shanghai professional skills is serious, the practical ability of the congenitally deficient people do not have the basic ability of writing and writing ability; the ability is not strong.

therefore, aiming at the problem of the common users skills practice, provide "specific how to do" and "how to solve the concrete steps of" the love experience of Shanghai still has to take all kinds of stimulus measures to encourage foreign chain, also open one eye, close one eye ", the author hopes to attract more involved in the creation, provide high quality content and strong operational methods to operational problems for users in daily work exists to attract readers, to build the brand.

but there’s a way to find a breakthrough, for those professional websites, often have some key users, "Faith moves mountains, mountains", as long as we work hard, we will be able to solve the practical skills of professional website >




Shanghai, Post Bar know as love and some well-known brand website crackdown chain advertising, outside the chain has become more and more difficult. The chain can also do! But we must abandon the original kind everywhere, extensive cultivation "on extensive website promotion (chain) model, we are ready to learn more about the hair of the chain, website promotion platform, according to the rules of high weight platform, according to local conditions to develop their own website promotion planning not just outside the chain, it may be better to use these platforms, efficiently promote our website.

do not have the high quality of the chain platform webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) who is a good news, but most Adsense is not too much to share practical skills — not to mention the universal significance of the site where the practice of industry operation skills; plus love Shanghai experience the uniform format, strict administrator audit system (unlike the previous love Shanghai, know the conditions easing) resulted in the vast majority of the webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) to love Shanghai experience fear, love the sea experience can send the chain but rarely practice, the success rate is lower.

actually, webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) to love the experience of Shanghai should pay more attention should not only from outside the chain to consider the idea, because, with more practical and professional skills available for users is a site of duty. Only in this way, we can win more customers trust. For many industrial sites, the lack of shared professional skills is always a bottleneck, this is to bring up a large number of low level of homogeneity of the arch-criminal website — don’t think this is just love Shanghai experience problems.

Another way to start from the experience of Shanghai to promote the site outside the chain of love

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