3, the header tag information: This is not the website header information on server head system parameters, the spider climb up to take your site will visit the virtual host information system, general space win and Linux system, there will be some configuration language, this information is all in head, also is the site of the language program and server support language support, supporting it more in line with the Shanghai dragon, general accepr=language zh-cn is normal (accepr=language language), zh-cn (Chinese) the meaning of this sentence is Chinese language support, generally a lot of foreign trade of Shanghai dragon is very prone to problems, this is the language version of a problem, a spider crawling when they found Chinese language, so in a foreign country ranking website ranking will not So nice。 Is the general configuration of cn.

Do a lot of Shanghai dragon is headache 1,

server head information? Fell in love with the sea search capture tools,

two, ranking: the original title and content, keywords, anchor text, are generally in the content of the details of issues affecting the quality of the page has the following three points:

Effect of

writing, there are many methods, generally the original article is the best, but must be with the relevant keywords, the original article must be included, but a matter of time, as no two same leaves in the world, because the search engine to the time not to find you in the first time.

The standardization of How to view the

1, URL standard: static and dynamic, static URL to optimize, generally bigger, will automatically generate static dynamic encoding format, to modify the background.

company recently encountered a website is collected is not good, ranking is not good, your website ranking is not so good, here to share the influence factors of the website rankings, including the general station outside the station and ranking factors, the first station ranking factors: first, technology: URL, URL standard, and the head part

2, HTML standard: to ensure the integrity of the HTML label, for example, these labels must be paired, another is the call to div+css format, the correct spelling: < div> < /div>, the general search engine will determine the format of URL, recommend the use of W3C (贵族宝贝jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/), you can find out the verification the technical problems of website. The general search engine will determine the format of URL, recommend the use of W3C verification (贵族宝贝jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/), you can find out the site out of those technical problems.

What are the factors that affect the site ranking

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