(Yahoo YAHOO webmaster tools to stop the chain of service interface)

1, sitemap.cn.yahoo贵族宝贝


2, siteexplorer.search.yahoo贵族宝贝 (New


(Yahoo YAHOO webmaster tools – English page – chain query screenshot)

Site Explorer (see the new interface, Chinese webmaster browser) translation is this meaning, we might also call it the YAHOO webmaster tools, because he.

three domain widely circulated in Shanghai dragon er. However, the recently opened. We have found it changed. The ownership of a cnzz, but not the chain analysis function. While leaving your query function.

, a YAHOO tool chain


(Yahoo YAHOO webmaster tools – English – Page screenshot)

(Yahoo YAHOO webmaster tools – the normal chain of service interface)

do Shanghai dragon in the field of network marketing, must do the link, this link is divided into external links and internal links, two links, Shanghai dragon Er biggest concern or care about these external links, external links to websites or web pages to vote. We will through some software or online webmaster tools to analyze their chain, among which, the most famous, the most commonly used, the chain reliability strong chain analysis tool is YAHOO Webmaster Tools analysis function. The happy horse at the two aspects of new changes from YAHOO webmaster tools and YAHOO webmaster tools to analyze.


) (disabled)



station network and other sites in the press release "Yahoo 2011-07-12! Site Explorer will be officially closed during the year". Yahoo China stopped outside the chain of service, however, English Yahoo still provides Yahoo YAHOO webmaster tools should have the function. Moreover, recent data show that many owners broke its own chain of Yahoo increased by ten times or even 100 times. Of course, this "strange" phenomenon is not surprising. YAHOO and YAHOO English Chinese data may have access to data or disorder. From the analysis of happy horse site, basically normal, as doubling phenomenon, also may be due to the difference of the algorithm.

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