1, the title writing template fits


daily execution is very smug, want to send a high quality the chain, has repeatedly failed. The usual work is delivered, "

2, the page title page title and keywords conflict

adhere to the professional fine line, the pursuit of quality content ideas. Results in the daily work, only the pursuit of quantity, ignore the quality. In more than a year of events within the site updated more than 1000 case, more than 2000 articles. The case is beyond most of the decoration company, are all low quality content.

two: the old site too, did not consider the user experience

title, keywords, description of the three major labels, a great influence on the Shanghai dragon. This station, most of them are written 2 years ago, or even 2008 standards, not only consider the optimization, user experience and brand, not to mention the latest search engine ranking system is considered. Take the site title, major problems in 2 aspects:


, built 3 years ago to stand, compatibility is certainly not? In a variety of screen PC display terminal, there are problems, not to mention the new personality; second, the mobile Internet trend so rapidly today, did not consider the mobile phone station, did not consider the adaptive website; third, the website is too old, too stingy, not really considering the customer needs, not total user experience. In fact, the site is not the lack of customers. After all, every day hundreds of IP traffic there, one day at least 1 accurate customer, if you can not grasp, not opened in March. Yes, the reason is worth pondering.

work, think, perhaps is a realm of breakthrough! There is a small, decoration site hands, 5 years, the optimization of 3 years, the effect is not how. The target keywords ranking several months suspended in midair, up and down, back, bring the network business can omit. The old station, the old station, the optimization for ranking why linger? Here are 4 reasons why the small series analysis.

take home, Guangzhou Guangzhou office decoration, store decoration and other words, and the case of the column page office decoration, store decoration are conflicting. A bit further, affect the station keywords layout is not reasonable, not to mention the keyword system pyramid profound.

 The basic information of the website

three: Shanghai dragon execution did not do good

: a total of three labels, especially the unreasonable layout of the


such as the home page, or "1_ 2_ template keyword keyword keyword 3- brand word", namely "Guangzhou office decoration _ Guangzhou store decoration decoration quality -XX, decoration company in Guangzhou". This style of the website, open love Shanghai, the first ten pages are for the most part, no ability to attract click.

The old station the old station why can not the optimization for ranking

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