said here, we should mention a very interesting thing, our network marketing industry predecessors, if you have to look at it, know that there is a man named Wang Tong, a book, itself also do well, then do some time ago in his micro-blog saw a very funny the news. A Shanghai dragon, network marketing training, every two or three days harassment Wang Tong, let him go to lectures, Wang Tong finally unbearable, broke the news to you: a company micro-blog is not, you go to the people of micro-blog marketing training, you’re funny? Through this thing we can easily see the Shanghai Dragon network marketing, training industry confusion, all the characters have no integrity jumped on the stage, on stage, really alone, people are able to talk to a large number of students, do the training is getting better and better. I believe that many readers will ask you, not to say that these guys are not integrity bluff? Yes, they are the bluff, the key is what they talk? Very simple, from there to steal someone else! Have you ever seen a person to spend several training courses? Here and I believe we all understand, the so-called dry cargo share, first loss, right here.

"text outside the chain, now love Shanghai can also give you the weighted keyword recognition, I have done experiments, this is real." In such a case, friends, you believe or not? He said he really tried, really, he said this is really than gold, as sure as a gun, do you believe? His students also said that he also tried, really. This time you believe? Then another person with this thing out, that’s for sure, I also tried, really useful. This time, a friend, don’t say you don’t believe, even if I was, I would believe (think of the story is not very familiar with, we have seen three into a tiger, this idiom story, will clearly find the problem). Now how to ask, how to do the experiment, an experiment, can prove that the initial paragraph concludes there is some truth? First of all, we generally think, the website ranking is determined by the joint effect with the result of the chain. So if you want to prove that the chain of a type are useful for ranking, is to exclude the interference of other conditions (may be a friend asked how, why not other conditions are fixed in a horizontal line, I am sorry to tell you.

in fact, but the purpose of writing this article, a lot of what is in mocking taunt, taunt? Our Shanghai dragon training industry like a raging fire, Shanghai dragon industry is tepid, salary is more poor, even to say, our Shanghai dragon industry is in worse (because of love, Shanghai series the adjustment is because many webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er own cheating, of course we Sparta, this year Shanghai dragon industry has been no small impact). Now a lot of training are very love say you have to share what is dry cargo, dry cargo refers to the concrete operation scheme?, can reliable to help students improve their site ranking.

Tucao dry cargo share three loss

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