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said that although the users more love pictures or video straight >


so, we do in the chain (or chain) when you need to determine if the other page number of connections, if the link is N, then you can consider to give up or choose another page.

before the guest blog "the content search engine is what the eyes" and share what is, in the search engine ranking on the serious content of value, what is our destiny? Don’t be naive to think of the user! Has reins on our search engine, though search engine a strength that is to the user, but you have to understand that if you affect the search engine, will be right down, unless you good to like Taobao! So, how to make up for the search engine love? Here, Amoy blog and share a few details:

said the chain, not to mention not to mention is the value of the chain, the chain of what is valuable? May have friends will say, the weight of the page where the link is high, the greater the value of the link, the essence of home, this argument is not entirely correct, because the link value is two the decision, one is the weight of the page, on the other hand is the page derived values, the derived value is the number of pages, links, with the most popular words, one is a piece of cake and ten points a piece of cake compared to the former is sure to get more, this idea is not only influence a page, also can be widely extended to Links, is also true.

in the chain, some people say that the more the better, some people say less, some people say just the best, then, how to determine the number of the chain is just? It should be said that to meet the needs of users, value to the users of the best in the chain, then, how we judge placed within the chain if there is a

value to the users? in the picture or video


appearance in the text can be more than one, you can click through chain number (PV) to determine the order of the chain, no doubt, is certainly more click high in the chain will be more to the good place (the left side of the page, such as a prominent position placed above).

keywords ranking of hundreds of items, we can not do everything, want to improve the keywords ranking, need to try to improve the most important factors.


1, don’t put the key content of

The content of In the chain of

guest blog that has two main aspects, the first aspect is the position you think, users will be interested in the place, chain second, the use of cnzz, love Shanghai statistics statistical tools such as the "thermodynamic diagram" tool to determine the position of how many people click on the link, if little or no click click, then this, the chain is in the "junk chain", but we should cancel the.

The influence factors of Taobao Shanghai dragon guest website

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