of course there are more cross links between pages. The purpose is to enhance the weight of cross links or new key channels, like 3 cross links between pages, is to enhance weight B. If it is to enhance the thematic page, the page weight, there is a disadvantage that is easy to be deleted, after all pages link to others to give you get rid of if ordinary tools can not find, you do not know.

1, one-way link

Each To determine the factors

cross link is a less common type of chain. For example: if a webmaster has A and B two site, another station C and D two sites, then cross links between 3 pages: A, D D, B



website PR value Cross links between the 4

4, and included anti chain

website PR value is always an important basis for the Links exchange station. In general, as long as their site than PR high, is good for the site, but the Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon think a good friend should at least PR3

How to distinguish the quality of cross links

website search engine used to determine the correlation is an important factor of website quality, similar sites vote is obvious in the PR score value algorithm.


Links also called reciprocal links, as both sides are good, is a mutual sincere cooperation to achieve mutual promotion process. The role of a chain does not elaborate here, do not know can see the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love.

has a link, it is our common Links



that the other party unilaterally to link to your site, you do not give a friend chain

for the first chain of type



in 10 days (personal cognition, different people have different view).

PR the output value of this one in the webmaster tools chain query, outbound links each other site too much, even if he high weight, do friends chain and he would do no good. (general and I almost site weight >

Links quality:

5, export link

page: A – D C – B

2, two-way link

website snapshotThe best website snapshot The number of

Links? Recently Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon for friends of the chain in the major platform, has feelings, summed up, and we hope to communicate with each other.

first look at the other side of the site is K, if K is not a chain, may involve your site. Then look for similar sites compared to other sites included in the same site and the gap is not too big

The friends of the chain what is the quality of the chain

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