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(1) URL format is not the site is not the same, some websites is the date format of the URL type, such as www.xxx贵族宝贝/2014-9-2/xxx/html, there are other date format, what are the benefits? And other URL formats than what are the advantages and disadvantages? Just a program to generate

(4) you only know the website with as little as possible, but do you know where to a web site with JS

1, the Shanghai dragon you understand?

to Shanghai dragon promotion, do not rank only a few words, but from a large number of long tail word, can do a lot of business station would think I said is nonsense, I station of a company where so many long tail words, I can only say that if you choose to do Shanghai dragon, you also think that the enterprise stand for a large number of long tail, then why are you doing business station? What you choose is Shanghai dragon this occupation, or choose a business? It’s like, you love to eat in Shaxian County Rice with Stewed Drumstick, you have to come to Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles, then also said that people are even Rice with Stewed Drumstick No. What you choose is a restaurant meal or


now each blog article Shanghai Longfeng homogeneity is more serious, because everyone is Shanghai dragon write out, write to write to is nothing more than content, chain, user experience.

of course, because more people said, now love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding and their products so much, I want to do the words are taken over, even if not what row to the first page, and then you come to Shanghai Dragon technology is dead".

2, and the restaurant meal



what is the truth? Since the Shanghai dragon is dead, why many large companies still move Shanghai dragon? Is the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of

is actually a lot of people and things might look too narrow, Shanghai dragon died, is not to say a few words you optimize does not go up, or be loved in Shanghai bidding to account for you, from the overall trend of view.

(2) irreversible breadcrumb navigation is how to use? What role

if you don’t know where, then please do not easily to say Shanghai dragon is dead.

(3) you know most of the people outside the chain and in the chain have much misunderstanding

but I always saw a lot of people commented that Shanghai Dragon technology is dead, I really can not help but want to write about. Why do these people say so? It is every day to write the original or false original, the little chain, and found the TMD ranking does not change? Or that? Then you think, Shanghai Dragon technology was not.

, of course, for small businesses Shanghai dragon is doing really well, but for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, you can’t just say this to Shanghai Dragon technology is dead.

will be better?

Shanghai Dragon technology is dead or you don’t understand the Shanghai dragon

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