for this, believe that doing outside the chain, have this kind of meditation. But how many people to study or analysis of deep? Once a week or day summary summary. I’m afraid this link, and the one who is less and less. Most of the chain, is the way of slavery.

two: flow conversion. A high quality of soft Wen, often can form a plurality of conversion points. Soft, is similar to the single product page. Just too much text explains, presumably the pattern of the page from the vision is poor. As I write this article, is news portals reprinted. Figure:

visible, high quality soft, often joined a number of knowledge points. The content of speaking, can be a current topic of concern, effective analysis, adding their own views, put forward some practical and effective methods to. In this way, can enhance the persuasive. If the product is not a single type of consulting, product introduction. Users need to understand the content, use, what kind of effect, this is the immediate concern.

for the chain of the work content, the analogy with slavery, is more appropriate. The monotonicity of the work content, but there is no date, seemed a bit dazed feeling. The number of the chain, some are in accordance with the requirements of leadership do. Or, according to the website of the status quo is done. According to the actual situation, the effect of the latter is better than the former. One is the task, one is active. There is a difference in essence, is bound to effect. But inevitably ask, do so many outside the chain, what is what is the role of


in the chain, how much. Certainly the said: the effect is always there, and will have multiple value points. This is mainly focus on three aspects: interpretation, is to attract spiders, traffic conversion, website weight.

The role of

loves Shanghai chain algorithm one, the impact is not small. For example, the webmaster forum, direct cancel forum signature. This greatly hurt a number of loyal forum users, without any remedial measures, it is early efforts have been in vain.

three: website weight. The number of the chain now, more requirements are not blindly. And more attention is paid to the quality of the chain. Whether to have the substantive significance, or if the garbage, simply to add a link. From the search perspective, on the website of the actual help small. Even that is a trap.

A: attract spider. Search the Spider every day is busy, like a machine, we do tell the operation. The effect is different. Spider is on the Internet database, constantly capture new knowledge content. While the machine is doing regular production, is a stick type. Outside chain, is the goal of Spider, according to the web site, grab the in-depth content information;

The chain effect of how many

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