360 in order to further improve the product line, the upcoming 360 encyclopedia. The author observed, 360 Encyclopedia with love Shanghai encyclopedia is very similar, only the style is different, at present there is no innovation what breakthrough. Now in the testing phase, not a lot of content, but some celebrity stars have the information in the 360 encyclopedia. I want to do in the 360 Encyclopedia of love Shanghai encyclopedia? Before I think Zhou Hongyi in play and love Shanghai in the competition between the good, the launch of 360 does not seem to have what level of bidding. Before the soso Wikipedia has not done, professional Interactive Encyclopedia also failed to make love Shanghai encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of 360 turned out can be done

love Shanghai?

believes the 360 encyclopedia is also such a situation, and not want to go beyond the Shanghai encyclopedia Encyclopedia of 360 love, but in order to improve their product line. Because the 360 grab love Shanghai content things great trouble, and open the love Shanghai things from the 360 search are very convenient. This will give the use of 360 people in search of great inconvenience, in order not to love Shanghai by 360 of these limitations, it should improve their own products. Even worse, users get used to it. Because from the 360 source of traffic situation, the Internet is white users. The user can easily develop into their own.

analysis of front since the only love Shanghai encyclopedia why do? Why? We may say maybe 360 search engines are not born to defeat the love of Shanghai as the goal, the search engine market in such a large market share is not. Maybe we can say from the Encyclopedia of 360 was born may not want to do too love the Shanghai encyclopedia, only for improving their product line and content. In fact, the answer can be found in the electricity supplier, such as Jingdong, why do the book, the reason is very simple, not on the books to make money. But by selling books tell you, before the Jingdong mall is selling electrical appliances, now can sell two books, so does not take the product together, what sell after all is possible. So that means selling books strategy of Jingdong, a landmark event. Like 07 years Apple Com puter Inc renamed Apple Corp.

I think it has an encyclopedic knowledge attribute, that is a single large, Wikipedia’s authority have the whole world in view. No second can challenge the Wikipedia encyclopedia, is the same as in Chinese, love Shanghai Encyclopedia has first mover advantage, and backed by real love Shanghai, with a combination of the two is so there will be a seamless heavenly robe, a HENGQIANG situation. The 360 encyclopedia is unlikely to go beyond the love Shanghai encyclopedia, Sogou is to see this thing, people do not do Sogou quiz and encyclopedia. People are smart enough to take the more effective competitive strategy, they launched Sogou knowledge cube, this is more powerful than Wikipedia, estimation of technical strength has not yet reached the current 360 Sogou and love Shanghai, can only make a fuss in the content, beyond the competitors need time and accumulation in technology.

The 360 encyclopedia can do it What is the significance

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