stations with Wikipedia’s words, is a person or a team to operate multiple web sites to get a lot of traffic through the search engine, or the link to the same site, in order to improve the search rankings. The first is the government enough out of government website construction, is now widely applied to the Taobao customer site. We will take the station way to do Taobao customers, mainly because now 10 grassroots webmaster in 8 is Taobao customers, unprecedented fierce market competition, coupled with some team operation, for our webmaster, want to get a little better keywords to the ideal position of basic mountain it is impossible, however, in the industry and have such a word, if you can not do keyword ranking before five, you can not continue to do. We really beat on visible sensitivity is very important, so I choose station group management method.

you may think from the literal meaning, we are very beautiful, the group operations must have advantages, but you don’t know a group of at least hundreds of sites to business, a person is impossible to do, I and several friends ever insisted, more important is the station group in the course of business to pay attention to many problems, the slightest mistake will be captured by the search engine, which is the K station, K station and once, all would be lost. Here I will talk about their need to pay attention to in operation station group the problem.

2 registration information should have certain differences in


covert station group, remove the homogenization of

is doing the station group, it must be as much as possible and conceal their behavior, the first domain name registration information will be presented to differentiate, secondly, now many owners in order to save time and money, will choose similar.Info as the domain name, the individual for this approach is not very agree, for instance, webmaster this is undoubtedly all of their resources are placed in a warehouse, if there is a fire, all the things in the warehouse will be burned, leaving no possibility, the same reason, when we choose the domain name search engine for judging spam sites, once removed, will be the theme of the site all gone, like Google in 2011 will for the suffix site deletion, we try to nip in the bud.

1 domain name suffixes have certain differences in

and in front of the same reason, if too many websites registered in one account, will cause the search engine of doubt, so this requires us to build all the sites into individual combat sites, their relationship will erase all the all information of all registered user name, address, domain name contact, Email and so on are arranged, so that each.

PS: some people use free domain names such as TK, personally think that if it is English stations can be considered, if it is for the love of Shanghai Chinese station group, is nearly negligible TK, because the weight is really low, now is not suitable for continued use.

Station group management must be cautious with careless will come to naught

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