for early site virtual machine is still the first choice, of course, in the choice of space must be stable, not three days two days cannot be landed, it will affect the user experience, while not conducive to SE0. The space to support the pseudo static; IIS log; support php+mysql; support space background online decompression; support 301 redirection and 404 error page bound; IIS does not limit the number of concurrent 7*24 hours on duty service support.

local portal programMy first

program is the first step to buy, so I will not say, you see everyone needs programs (163K.kingcms, ant etc.) are good, but the best buy that can develop two times, do not covet cheap, if you buy cheap or download those online piracy, though it is not much money, do not fine, but if we really do there will be a lot of problems! The second step in the purchase or make your own website, will all the local portal site analysis again, also need a reference in other areas of the portal website of the operating mode, their optimization. Key words. In a careful analysis after I believe you will benefit, is the so-called the dross, take the essence.


site title


for the local portal website, when the domain name is the best choice of the local spelling Jianpin or the best, such as the Wuxi information network wuxixxw or wx0510, of course, this kind of domain name basically have been registered, for the grass-roots webmaster do not have so much money to buy this domain name, I am also a fan of grassroots webmaster now, I opened the Wuxi local portal, before I have checked, with local area code and the domain name has been registered, I also tried to ask the price, ask a scared me, so I give up, my domain name is www.369xxw贵族宝贝 why choose this name because he is is of special significance, the first point xxw represents the information network, 3 on behalf of the 3 special days of our Wuxi 6 on behalf of the Wuxi 5 District municipalities, 9 representatives of Wuxi 369 information network The 9 channel second point 369 is easier to remember. So for the domain name of a local apartment layout door website, select a special domain more meaningful, more favorable for Shanghai dragon and promotion.

in recent years due to the local website at the local site is hot, competition is not big plus, so more and more webmaster friends of all ages. If you build a local website, it is more effective for the promotion. Today I will run more than half of every local portal experience for everyone to share.

Site Title 1 to 3 keywords: life information portal sites such as Wuxi 369 Information Network – Wuxi’s largest.



first, the domain of

Local portal operating experience of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and the chain

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