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    netizens chat use of colorful expression is free. But you may not know that sends a expression, you made a work for others, Chongqing Guo Jijun wage earners it earned 1 million 500 thousand yuan.

    Guo Jijun is from Sichuan, Leshan. Next to the restaurant where he works, there is a store that offers computer portraits and wedding dresses. Guo Jijun felt the computer was fun, so he went to the store to work.A few years after the

    a month later, a net friend asked Guo Jijun to pack the software and expression and compress it into an optical disk to sell to him. The deal cost Guo Jijun 50 yuan.The

expression brings great web access

  never thought his casual work, has produced economic benefits of accident, and Guo Jijun began to try the operation of drilling site. Not only did he spend money to apply for international domain names, but he also made money from his own years of work and arranged all kinds of equipment.

 : at this point, Guo Jijun knows how personal websites make money online, that is, joining the Internet alliance. The alliance received the customer’s expense, signed a promotional contract with the customer, and then will be handed out to all types of business, the website to help promote their products, as long as the site visits to a certain number, you can contact with the alliance, become their alliance website, then the other side according to this website hits every day pay visits more, earn more money website.
2003 in January, Guo Jijun’s website began to have advertising revenue, and with the increase in the amount of web visits, income is also increasing. Guo Jijun saw the money way that he did the website".Serial

    not long after, Guo Jijun again;

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

receive advertisers notice, as early as the network, broadcast alone, click advertising, immediate suspension of promotion.

please replace the ad code in a timely manner, so as not to affect your earnings.

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Pulse early check network click advertising suspend deliveryHe made the expression on the ATM a

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