increased the number of loyal users of

continued to increase high quality content, to the search engine: the novel time station, in addition to the original novel and you the latest chapter, also includes discussion of the novel and the real user evaluation value. Remind the webmaster patience, to search engine for website time.

      many people say do not have a future novel, see why love Shanghai but a separate release "novel special" love Shanghai? Webmaster Platform has just released the "novel special Shanghai dragon training video". This seems to be the first for a specific website for special interpretation, very meaningful learning. The video version of the PS: to facilitate learning, explains MM’s voice is very sweet.

sitemap: webmaster can clear is how to build the sitemap using the site syntax to learn about other novel station.

1, how to make search engines quickly and also included.

understand users’ interests, to produce content: can love Shanghai station search tools can understand user interest.


on the web search engine is good, the key content is to use nested Technology: >

2, the novel station, what factors affect the ranking of

search engine that the number of loyal users and the website value is proportional to the increase of fixed users is PK off the link of competing products.


damage will affect the browsing experience advertising included: we understand the novel "also need to profit, but a lot of pop, pop, repeatedly cheat download this kind of advertising, for such site, Shanghai will be included in love. To have been included in the site, love Shanghai will introduce targeted measures.

site structure flat, avoid link depth

long-term vision, adhere to a reasonable site


: to establish a good interaction mechanism can increase user viscosity, such as scoring, comment.


love Shanghai love the first URL

with original content, the timeliness of the content to attract users: have the ability of novel website can please the author website creation, search engine, the first love has unique content of novel website. But please pay attention to ensure the quality of the content.

navigation classification clear, users quickly find the content you want to think: love Shanghai navigation links on the entrance is the important content of the site, of course, should be an important novel station content on the navigation bar.

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon training video optimize the station with a novel text version

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