2, the website of the.

our website content writing is good, but not the author say, as everyone knows, we write content to the user, so the user is bound to say. Especially for some professional knowledge, site, publish more representative, authoritative, accurate and practical, the only way to better let users get to learn knowledge in our site. And for this website content, the authenticity of an article is required for an occupation of the webmaster for website optimization ranking accomplishment, not to make some not related with the theme of the content, because this is not only responsible for their own website, it is for users is not responsible for, and small here, love Shanghai has been gradually start does not match the content with the title of the site for processing, so that the authenticity of the poor website to be careful.

in No. 7.2, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has released "the low quality site measures have been effective" in the article, we can see from the right, in this case were classified K sites, and the article also clearly pointed out the low quality site of meaning, that is "no original, or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment)", so from the meaning of this sentence is not difficult to see, support and love love Shanghai for original content, so that the right to publish original content, in order to better make it go to our website the higher, farther!

content must have leadership and novelty.

for the website contents of this topic, it is every webmaster now most concerned about the issue, especially after the 628 incident, what content can make the search engine favorite, become very confusing, then update the search engine algorithm in continuous improvement, how can we do better to work improve the site weight? Today I came to share some experience with you.

3, The authenticity of the practicality and the contents of

original content 1, right.

we need a clear point, that is if we want to have a good site weight, must be conducive to the user experience, especially from the 628 events can be seen in Shanghai, love a lot of K off some of the rubbish site, so we must be very good to the planning content, do not do garbage the content, or is the next batch of the escaped object, good nonsense not say, on the body.

is undoubtedly the best novelty can seize the users attention, and will have a search engine spider love, and for the website content is novel, but more often is not the content is new, but whether we can get rid of as many as net, actually a lot of time is not what you have how time is new, but more is whether you publish tutorials are needed by the user.

How to introduce new content to make the search engine more popular

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