has experienced more than two months of Google PR has once again updated, but did not expect that Google PR directly jumped from 0 to 4, a sudden rise so fast is really let himself feel a little accident, but this is certainly a Google for your blog seriously. It is on this day for the nation to send a small gift. There are a lot of people ask me how, why Google PR can improve so quickly, the specific reasons I can not really sure, because this thing is not able to control ourselves, as for my blog is how to develop in the past many articles also have a lot of in the record, during which he is often on the blog to change to change, most of the changes are in order to improve the internal optimization of the blog, the biggest change is to change the structure of fixed links, since for the love of Shanghai still has a certain influence.


Optimization of the internal

a website content is also very important for weight lifting, why your article will be reprinted in the nature but also because writing is good, can feel welcome, so we still have to strengthen their website content quality, avoid a lot of collecting or false original, and not necessarily say not to reprint articles others, but to grasp a proportion, like himself in the Albert court under the category of the article is directly reproduced over the interview, the site did not affect, this is because the original content of my blog often than these. Another is to grasp the content of the web site update frequency, update is good as to inject fresh blood to the site, can make the website more content to search engine, and give users more in > reading

according to their own a little experience, to enhance the Google PR can be done from the following aspects:

1. websiteThe

The quality of website content

it is very interesting, my blog is established in August 25th, just missed the Google in a big update to PR in August, after PR has been zero, but he did not care too much, still take care of follow the prescribed order of their little blog, thinking about good writing until next time the update should be a little PR, during which Google for their own website or very care, included rankings have been pretty good, long tail word can also have a good ranking.

contains many aspects, whether it is from the website optimization or from every page optimization, and the various sections of the layout is very important, it can not only give a better search engine crawling experience for users at the same time, it is very important. The reasonable layout of the site to reduce the bounce rate increase website PV for the development of the website is very helpful.

2.The quality of

The wood water knife Google PR the secret of growth

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