I have two core Keywords: trade mark and trade mark, the two words related to my website matching, search volume on these two words and the auxiliary word long tail "trademark trading platform" trademark trading center "trademark transfer sale", this is the sale of trademark words and this, the transfer of trademarks, I believe everyone will do it. This is in accordance with the appearance, can derive a lot of long tail words, you can use the tool to query, statistics, analysis of how to do the matching rules of lexical rules and related keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng ideas throughout the construction site, so that a search engine is based on cognitive website title, keywords, description, through them, determine the content search engine can be better and recommended to the user search keywords META tag, not now how search engines can almost completely free of the attention. The key is the site of title and description, as everyone knows, can not change the content of title, otherwise it will make themselves more pain. Not good website will be thrown into the sandbox. Come back, is not so easy.

– Title Keyword description

three, Shanghai dragon deep strategy: Web page

in determining the domain name and website structure generally do not have major changes, and the filling content becomes very strong operation part, relevant keywords timely distribution in the content, make your body look more firmly matched with the website, search engine and user understanding of the theme of the site, but the keywords location, quantity, density and other problems are to stand for varies, nature is good. The excessive accumulation of key words, search engine will be very easy.

believes that the concept of everybody knows these 4 words, to master these, you will find the station will be more different than before. I said, for example, a station, I took over the standard network, trademarks trade. I only to tell you about how I set the word.

follow four rules: 1, quasi content related degree; 2, the search volume; 3, suitable for the current competition; 4, the conversion rate of

, how to mining

, two –

my mentor Ma Qingjun once told me about the knowledge of how to choose keywords;

how to optimize keywords? In order to improve the site traffic? This is our Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have been looking for, struggling with problems. Site keywords layout can be seen from the owners painstakingly, the number and density of keywords can see the website main products and services, from the layout of the keywords can be seen on the website webmaster keywords in the primary and secondary users to search keywords respectively, as the first way information and search engine website according to this important understanding Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion primary task entrusted to him. I revisit the old saying, combined with their own operation and share summed up how to better do keyword selection, improve their website traffic better.

Wang Yifan how do choose keywords flow multiplication

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