then, when assigning the weights of the website, priority allocation of key pages. We all know that every page of the site has its own weight, the weight of each page can also transfer between. Generally speaking, you want to optimize what page to the search engine home page, so this page weight distribution must be high. In general we optimize the enterprise website optimization, the most or the home page, web page is the page inside and outside the largest chain, the weight of naturally high. In addition to page weight, reasonable distribution of other important right pages of the web site, such as the entrance for the column page in page navigation bar for a long period of time, so the weight of home page can be effectively transferred to the continuous column page, to make good use of the weight of the column page, column page in the article the reasonable distribution, promotion articles included.

website ranking drop when the conventional idea is the site optimization process of many people are cheating or by means of black hat caused, in fact there are many reasons for the decline in ranking websites, especially when the weight of the uneven distribution of more able to reflect the website ranking downward trend. Take my site, as long as the first search keyword is my website, then in order to improve the inside pages of a keyword, can do a lot of chain point to this page, the final result is the right to be reduced, but the rankings are really very distressed, Not the least trace was found., I understand what is the key to weight distribution in this matter. That how to distribute the weight of the website

finally, weights for the non key page we need closure. On the site there are some pages in fact there is no need to assign weights, as in the website user registration page, about us. For these pages, we can reduce the page weights of the flow in the process of optimization. Like the weight we can join nofllow tags to prevent other page flow to these pages, or use the JS links to these pages, so as to achieve to the weights of the transfer function.

first, the right to an important and reasonable allocation on the site must pay attention to training, weight training mainly from two aspects, one is the original web site content to be high, the other is the chain website should be stable and effective. Not too when training the weights of the website act with undue haste, if you spend a lot of money to buy the black chain to improve the weight, then once the search engine found or tracked, will cause the website by K, website weight training or should be gradual.

is the way of marketing has been undergoing significant changes, the traditional telephone marketing has turned to Internet marketing, so the enterprise website not only become the enterprise portal, more important is to become the best tool for enterprise marketing. So the enterprise should get benefit, so the enterprise website ranking must be in the home page, so as to attract the click rate of flow, so as to create more potential customers. The website rankings can be improved by optimization, which is the key to weight distribution.

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Website ranking rise or fall of weight distribution is the key

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