speaking of the chain, most people know that, broadly speaking, the chain is also the external links, in a narrow sense, most people know is soft outside the chain, Cen Huiyu summed up, there are a lot of the way of the chain, whether we know which video can do outside the chain, but the effect is far better than the soft chain well, the video chain can increase the exposure rate, and drainage effect is also very good, the Cen Huiyu is to explain in detail;


video is very simple, at the same time, you can add your own URL in the video, video recording is convenient, pay attention to patient and careful, if accidentally put the mouse to click on the sound recording, therefore, when using the recording software, be sure to set up various parameters, can not contact Cen Huiyu

first to talk about why Xiao Bian will find inspiration, from an animation, called "Justice League" before the throne of Atlantis, more love this kind of animation, but see this animation, need members can watch, in China, many more poor nouveau riche, for small series. If only, for a television to charge 15 yuan of money, I would rather spend time looking for other sites, but most of them are members, when bursting in hope, suddenly saw a free place, I do not hesitate to click in, as shown in figure

first step: for a member or a member of the Tencent Iqiyi


1. registered a member of these video websites, and perfect information, the best and what you want to promote, and then click upload video, as shown in the figure.

when we see such links, but also calm in Shanghai know? Love is difficult to have a Trojan and virus, the user will subconsciously click on the download, at the same time, the download time to install the thunder, or can’t download, after downloading you can see that those people work in the video the name, as shown in figure


The second step:

wants to make the value chain, little effort is necessary, 15 yuan will not let you live food, even the cost of 15 yuan is not willing to say, you are going to the text chain, video registered member, to Caution! Problems, not just registered and it was stolen by someone else, do not do too much here to register;

;Third step


: upload a large video website (Iqiyi, Youku, potatoes and other Tencent,

preparation tools: 1. members or 2. member Tencent Iqiyi video video recording tool

believe that the contents of the above, you already know the operation principle of this video. Next we talk about the detailed steps in.

The use of video membership chain tips

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