the first two are very basic, it is very easy to do, but just to see the real optimization direction is the direction, we are the focus of the first two, we only see about and faint not accurate, I would like to introduce you to see a rival deep direction.

No matter how we get rid of

in front of us through a simple analysis in fact basically mastered the optimization direction of competitors, but here we need to dig deep and find the direction of their core optimization. Also.

1, master competitor optimization direction

If the

optimization, how to break through, we can not completely out of the circle. So the optimization have some more in the general direction, such as the main content of optimization, the chain is not to care, as well as the main chain optimization, because the content may not be so good to do, of course, the best is the direction of the chain content go hand in hand, and common progress. There are some details such as direction, do the optimization of long tail keywords evade the crucial point, for example, blog, with weight with weight. Methods the direction of many competitors, but what belongs to which it depends on your analysis, the basic steps of the analysis are as follows:

content is old, outdated knowledge, news, and layout, pseudo original degree are not too good, the website ranking is mostly on the role of the chain. Take the direction of our competitors can do is to spend time in the content of the website, every little bit accumulation, one day you will find that the website ranking will suddenly go beyond the opponent.

1, view the contents of the site

Hello, I told you about before we do in the optimization process can not be ignored in a "Shanghai dragon people: we can not ignore the competitive forces", believe that if you have a certain ideological consciousness will grasp, many people are frustrated when you can think of this way, in fact, if you can think of in advance before anyone do this, then you can certainly do better than others, more good. Today is my last article and then write down, because competitors through some simple analysis we can find out some relevant data, for example, we can go to school from their optimization techniques to many, but really want to do is two party is not just in front of the plane? I don’t think we can. So there are many, here today I want to introduce the two aspects.

look at it outside of the chain is the construction in which the site, to see if they focus on the effort where what website, for example some people are classified information in the station to do outside the chain, then we can do is to do this may copy them, then you create some new chain resources, for example, do some Q & a platform outside the chain, and the forum outside the chain, let yourself ahead of the competition to win.

2, check the opponent chain

Do Shanghai dragon we cannot ignore the competitive forces

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