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2, blog: contribute to the blog comments, many independent blog can take the anchor text comments, this Dalian Shanghai dragon can blog, there are a lot like me blog, you must take time to find, to accumulate, so do Shanghai Longfeng, put these things out is also easy to use, we must seriously treat blog comments, don’t take the past one or two words, such as "good, good" this is very easy to be deleted or do not pass the audit, so that to treat every comment you, will bring a higher efficiency for your

from the current point of view of the chain selection mainly has the following four points:

1 and BBS: there are so many forums, but find some high weight forum is really in trouble, so we should take some time to choose some high weight forum, a registered account, to fill in your personal information, do not blindly go to send advertising, it is easy to be the forum the owner BT give you K out, never waste your account not to an advertisement, it is not worthwhile, give you the chain to find a permanent shelter, you’ll have to abide by the forum rules, keep permanent the chain effect, must note, fill in personal information, add a signature.

Dalian – Shanghai dragon light if the breeze of the website promotion blog 贵族宝贝blog.zzzuo贵族宝贝. (please indicate the source for


3, Links: some of the regular website, with PR or higher than the PR value of the station, or in relatively good, a snapshot of the new station exchange Links, there is the problem of correlation, it can provide their own the chain efficiency

4, soft: this effect is the most successful, its production efficiency is the highest, if your writing is really very poor, so please try to write something every day, including personal feelings, personal thoughts, write an article, but also the long-term write, write just like writing, so that you don’t feel the pressure, how not to write, write articles must remember the copyright information and personal! If you are lazy do not want to write it, then use the method of pseudo original. But this method with the original article than it really is almost too far, you know.


How do the chain site optimization more perfect

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