Webmaster Station often website no traffic headaches, there is no need to bend the brows, first do not one or two days, always insist to see it. Recently because my blog is also on the line, the daily flow of about 100, I think as long as I persist, do blog should be no problem. When I work in thinking about how the brain drainage, flash, I suddenly thought of a method, but this method is a little big risk, as the webmaster friends can afford to choose, but I’m not going to use.

"The wages of sin is death." good, ruthless K station has finally come! Well, this is exactly what we need.


recovery station

some people say "tinkering", yes, I once believed I was blind, even I don’t dare to try again, especially shows that this method is suitable for the new station, does not apply to those old website. This time we are fixed users must have accumulated, is also in the website by K, we are still able to maintain profitability, the following work is to restore the site by K. How to restore some great online?. This time we want to be like a kid who makes a mistake, to bow to the search engine, to correct our mistakes, new life. However, our station has a certain reputation. Well, to achieve the purpose of.

smart owners must have understood this principle method, you might say a word in my heart I called me a crazy, idiotic. But I have examples show that this method is feasible, but not applicable to any person in any industry. My friend is doing Adult supplies industry, at the beginning of the site is sub divided, when normal included in the search engine, I told him this bold approach, he fling caution to the winds to try, now every day more than 500 of turnover, as to how much profit I didn’t ask, do not have.

let the webmaster joke, right. This is the first step. The ancients said: the home of the resurrection, to be successful, you must first make your site is K. But how K has certain knowledge. All method firstly you can use the site’s ranking will row to the front, as to what methods, some Adsense than I understand. When your website ranking is better, you must also have a certain site traffic, whether you profitable way is to sell products or services sold, by all means these customers as fixed customers. If the ranking is up, I think it is not very difficult. Enlarge the promotion efforts, let website and product you try to appear in all people’s eyes.

1. allows the search engine K your

2. K

3. honestly do stand, sub divided man

I just finished

here for everyone to talk about the method of guards, I give this a name called cheating drainage.

Do you dare to take risks in order to flow

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