real time hot already exists, which is love Shanghai billboard, before there is a link on the front page, it is directly referred to the new home page, allowing users to understand the new focus, in fact, in my view, real time hot and not in real time, it is a search based on the statistics. Why should the search, must have appeared and the user information of interest. But this is not real. Mention home real hot issue to consider is whether caused by the Matthew effect, let the hot word more heat, and to increase the network hype is showing entrance. For the webmaster, especially do flow station, it brings more opportunities.

love Shanghai new home add a navigation, personal feeling is very good, as Robin Li said, to increase user stickiness. Because now the user search habits, accurate to a more detailed level search from a range of simple navigation search has increased year by year, according to statistics, Taobao search, Youku and then into the website of more than 500 thousand, while the 4399, such as renren贵族宝贝 keyword search is also more than 200 thousand.

three, notification management

is concerned with the website of the brand influence, but at the same time that the needs of users, some people will say that you do not have direct collection, however, users are not used, otherwise they would not have such a huge amount of search, navigation and focus on the new home of the prominent, convenient for users, this will undoubtedly shorten the user access path can be opened to access the target page, do not need to search again.


September 2, 2011, love the Shanghai World Conference held in Beijing National Convention Center, Shanghai love CEO Robin Li officially released to the outside world love Shanghai new home, put forward the "love Shanghai new home one world" slogan. At the same time, Shanghai announced a new love home open to all owners, developers and service providers.

Navigation search as large as

or to the website of the brand, there have many owners complain about their love of Shanghai brand keywords sold to competitors, have to pay to do the bidding. However, the navigation referred to an important position, can largely avoid this happen, the user enters directly in the navigation, do not need to search page.

to Shanghai account and inform the management to each big website account opened at present is only the acceptance notice, the account open, convenient for users, more important is the love of Shanghai.

The promotion of , a set of navigation

two, real hot

when it comes to love the new Shanghai home, in fact, some of you have seen a few days ago, is rarely mentioned, and the official release, immediately aroused people’s discussion, many friends are condemning again and again, probably because love Shanghai style let you subconsciously aversion, here, I from my personal point of view about love Shanghai new home.

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