first, suicune Shanghai Longfeng think is, let spiders know you love Shanghai, love Shanghai and not let spider persecute you. Some owners to make love Shanghai keep updated, so every day he worked for the increase of the content, also reached the site is to make the contents of the realm. In fact, some webmaster, is not willing to do so, especially for those original writers, every day of the original article content, will spend a lot of time. Suicune Shanghai Longfeng is not to say that the updated daily original is not good, but in fact a week update an original enough love Shanghai spiders love you, if you can do this every day, so you can stick with it so long? Certainly not, unless you specifically do this, you this not to be forced into the love of spiders in Shanghai * * *


after long-term observation suicune Shanghai dragon found many blog a month occasionally updated several times, as a snapshot in time, there is a very good ranking, this gives us some enlightenment what? Suicune Shanghai dragon through the study of these blogs, although they had a month only updated several times although, every time an update, but they persisted, but the content is particularly well written, which including some famous industry blogs, such as Mou Changqing, Jiang Likun and so on, these artists will not in front of a computer every day for the love of spiders in Shanghai they want to write original, speech, teaching, which will make every day like a machine love Shanghai spiders eat original content? So they blog update is not frequent, but in a period of time has never stopped updating, and update a The blog, very deep, people love, be shared, the love of spiders in Shanghai in case of Oasis — but for such a high quality of Bowen, Shanghai has been in the "ambush spider love". Because at some point, you can love spiders in Shanghai are already familiar with, we need you. But according to my analysis, a week update to continue a very quality and original content, love Shanghai will trust you very much, and is also the latest snapshot, such as map, site snapshot time suicune Shanghai dragon and the latest articles included time interval, exactly 7 days: < / p>

suicune Shanghai dragon, for the love of Shanghai included, love depends on the love of spiders in Shanghai, and the Shanghai spiders love love depends on your content is attractive, suicune Shanghai dragon needs to explain, that content is king view can be weakened, especially for some need to highlight the value of the site, the station itself is not content, you don’t have to blind the content.

so, you think that love Shanghai Shanghai dragon water spider is not necessarily you stick to update the contents, you can get over, if you often observe, there are countless stationmaster, daily updates, starting a snapshot is OK, no matter what the content behind the updated snapshot can not come, there? In the end there? So suicune Shanghai dragon already abandon content is king’s point of view, the value is Dian > King


The content included don’t let love Shanghai eat a spider

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