website brand we can think it belongs to the category of network marketing, perhaps some people will say that brand awareness with the Shanghai dragon website optimization ranking Never mind ah, I also began to think so, but then think carefully, this relationship is still quite large; it is a website brand awareness high "brand effect", then, the audience a strong natural search click will greatly improve the site keywords ranking, it is because there is such a steady click, with a high degree of brand rankings and long-term stands to fail; the author look back on their website, the visibility is not high by, this effect is not impossible, so I got another job, from network marketing to enhance the popularity of the website, so as to.

site access speed is one of the important factors that affect the keywords ranking, the heart is very clear, so they are very concerned about the speed of the situation, it is almost a test access to the provinces for half a month before, and found no problems of website access speed, just a few days National Day web access is not stable, the author tests at home and friends are not stable, occasionally unable to visit, it is the cause of the decline in ranking? Thought a few unstable should not be the reason, later think whether they cause is not the reason that I have in mind after one by one, it is attention to detail to avoid.

no danger of anything going wrong.

website second, low brand awareness

revelation: Shanghai dragon optimization needs from all aspects of the details well, remember not to be ignored since that little influence things.

, the first web access instability

After several days of observation of the

analysis, basically ruled out the optimization of improper factors outside the station, is the enterprise website, external optimization do not need to spend too much time, the process of optimization is usually focus on quality rather than quantity, so the effect is certainly not the external factors; then return station optimization, the author summarizes the following three factors lead to the decline in ranking.

as a staff engaged in the Shanghai dragon, ferial like everyone, often stop in the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon group, Shanghai dragon Post Bar and other places, pay attention to new technology and share and the Shanghai dragon topic is the author of the most enthusiastic happy things, but in recent days the trouble, the national Day holiday ends after the optimization of the site work appeared in the overall ranking decline, I thought that is the website during the holidays without maintenance lead to a drop, then carries on the analysis to the counterparts, their ranking is very stable in the home during the holidays, do they have maintenance? The author is not to verify, but it is most owners during the festival is no maintenance of the website, from this point of view, the website ranking drop is not absolute Maintenance is so simple, there are still some other reasons, so why?

Shanghai news National Day holiday after the Dragon website ranking drop analysis

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