cheat cheat to what extent the cumulative integral will be punished

cheating points system

most of the time, their own webmaster violations do not know, then the search engine is in the judgment of illegal websites can not be one hundred percent accurate. For example, you do a forum, there are a large number of spam messages in your forum, these contents are violations of the suspects, but not owners of their own, it is difficult to judge the search engine. Or your website framed by competitors, do a lot of spam links, help you link group, hang black chain, there is no way to search engine. In or on your website accumulation keywords, how much volume, high frequency keywords accumulation, the search engine will be on your site to make punishment, these are very let search engine headache.

for search engines, how to determine whether a site is illegal, how it should be given punishment is not an easy thing. If the site appears to punish violations immediately, it was too reckless, probably a lot of innocent, search engines also understand these problems. So the search engine came up with a very good and very practical cheating punishment system: cheating points system.

whenever you once suspected of cheating foul behavior, the search engine will give you a record, and count violation points. When accumulated to a certain extent, the search engine may not be immediately punished directly on your website will give you a reminder, such as snapshot with the new slow, included the slow speed of these times, if the owners do not vigilance, modify their cheating, you cheat points continue to accumulate, it may commit irreparable mistake, the search engine will eventually give you the death penalty website. This is a mistake in the wrong, the search engine to give you the opportunity to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, you do not change, then there’s no way out.

search engine can not accurately judge your site is cheating

Shanghai Longfeng people generally know Shanghai dragon is divided into white hat, black hat, and even gray hat. Simply, if you are familiar with the Google webmaster guidelines, you can understand, in line with the search engine quality specifications and meet the user experience of the Shanghai dragon technique called white hat, in violation of the search engine expressly prohibits the use of the Shanghai dragon technique called black hat, between white hat and black hat, cannot be clearly defined as white or black hat technique is classified as gray hat Shanghai longfeng. Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today doesn’t want to talk too much white or black hat thing, but want to talk about is very important for the Shanghai Dragon Staff and ignored by many webmaster friends of the search engine punishment principle. Because many owners do not understand the search engine punishment principle, causing the site to be search engine punishment, don’t even know why they were punished, such a situation requires some understanding of the search engine, some principles of a good grasp of the web search engine punishment.



we all know, football referee will give a yellow card. "

Shanghai dragon should understand the search engine punishment principle cheating points system

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