so, what is the quality of the chain? Natural link and is needed by the customer, this link is must have the quality, this is the real sense of worth to link. Just mentioned. So, here to teach you how to do one hour N hours, improve work efficiency, rather than doing ten hours to get one hour of action.

Here is the

first of all, to understand what is the purpose of the chain, because each chain store is the equivalent of a voting orientation; so the chain need not to need to do? The answer is: certainly need to do. Because the more the chain, to do so, the website gets more votes to love Shanghai, will think this is pointed to the valuable website. However, need to do is to do is not representative, also does not represent the number of better; (of course, if you can keep the high quality case number is good. However, the fact is it? How many people can do is the high quality of the chain?) all the people think they are in the Shanghai dragon, but in essence? And how many websites are therefore K? These are mostly because of a lot of garbage outside the hair every day while many people lead to chain; also such said "this is not junk the chain I made, but related, so, what is relevant? On behalf of a relevant role? Related representative can meet the needs of the users? Love Shanghai is of great importance to the needs of users, therefore, external the chain must proceed from the needs of users, many related links, but few natural links, so the link is rubbish; how to say? Such as a motorcycle and car batteries, a person to buy the former, and the chain you send is the latter, although with The key is the battery, but the other side does not need a car battery, but only need to buy motorcycle battery; relative to the cell, they are related, but not the customer needs; so this time you send is that although the related surface, but not natural chain; in other words, this is not related to customer needs is the chain a garbage outside the chain, so the natural links must be relevant, but relevant links do not represent is the natural link; we have to do is not only natural links, and related links. (love Shanghai algorithm is very cruel, a long time, the garbage links, will lead directly to the site is down right; even hit the K station).

for example, we will not count? You can see how we should improve the quality and the high quality of the importance of the chain. We can simply count, if the quality of each chain is 0.01, how much is that one day the one thousand that the chain index of the? 10; then, if the quality of each of us to send a chain of 1? How much is that one day twenty the chain index such a comparison is 20.? See? A day to send twenty results than the one thousand strong; we have to do is not quantity, but quality; to do effective links in the quality has reached a certain standard to consider the number of links. Moreover, a >

Shanghai dragon skill learning how to do the most efficient high quality chain

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