in the exchange, he as one of a group of people to contact Shanghai Longfeng earlier, as an executive led the men, especially told me about some of the ills of current Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, some seemingly simple but very few people will take the initiative to change the problem. Is the accumulation of these simple problems, led to the impetuous Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, can do so few, most people only taste it. Below I to several ills he mentioned a summary:

during the New Year holiday, I visited a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more than five years of friends. In more than five years of experience in the Shanghai dragon, he contacted a number of industries in Shanghai Longfeng, including training, travel, photography and medical. The medical profession is engaged in the longest time, now is also a project manager. This visit he, specially he wanted to discuss the topic of Shanghai dragon, to hear him along the way to Shanghai dragon what feeling.

single chain contains many layers of meaning. Including the chain release form is single, for example, a lot of people are keen to reply without his post, the placement of the link is inserted into the middle or bottom link is recommended, text links, links or anchor text and so on; followed by the content of the single link, for instance, is to send home brand word links do not have the long tail word there are links; the most common is the single link structure, such as a lot of people just stare at the rush on like a swarm of hornets forums outside the chain, a few other development platform, and released a number of every link in the same platform.


: 2, station is too stiff, unnatural

1, the chain is too single, not enough variety:

the moment a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers when editing of content in the station or in the search engine to guerrilla warfare, will be to edit the contents according to the search engine’s preferences or their algorithm, keyword layout, internal anchor text set, recommended articles are arranged according to the search engine’s preferences, such as many people will not consider whether a sentence is smooth, as long as the inserting a keyword keyword density on the line.

a lot of the general staff in the hair of the chain is little to careful planning, are blind, single structure leads to the above. This situation is found in many industries, in hot industries (such as health, wedding) is more common. There are two basic reasons: one is to charge the workload is too large, resulting in a lot of staff from work began at the target to complete the hurricane, even have no time to think, leading to staff every day in the form of immutable and frozen fixed platform, resulting in a single chain; two is not a solid foundation of knowledge the staff, the hair of the chain’s purpose is not clear, for example, he doesn’t know that the chain is inserted in the middle and post them on the bottom of the recommended, not clear what is the difference between the anchor text hyperlinks with distinction, there is no concept of the chain life cycle and so on, cause when they send the chain does not have a plan, very confused simply as the number of tasks to complete.

Secret analysis of general practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng ills

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