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win2008 system to conform to the requirement of Hyper-v

Hyper-v so much attention, whether it is what distinguishes? In this I will not say, love Shanghai! I want to say is that it has its "brand", with its hardware requirements (but not as simple as VMWARE oh), even though there are still a lot of people love Hyper-v, because these requirements for today’s hardware upgrade speed, it is relatively easy to implement

A Executive protection

4.CPU must have hardware data (DEP) function, and the function must be started.

well, return to

1.Intel or AMD64 processor.

add Hyper-v function

3. hardware assisted virtualization. This is in contrast to the existing processors, including Microsoft virtualization architecture a virtualization.

5. memory minimum is 2GB


2.Windows Server 2008 R2 and above (server operating system); Windows 7/8 (desktop operating system) and above.

1 in the 2008 R2 system, in the case of default, the Hyper-v function is not installed, so we must first add >


these functions for my I3 computer, is certainly no problem, only the memory is too low, my machine is 2G, I just added a 4G, ha ha, the overall running well, speed performance than VMWARE has improved, but you don’t get me wrong, I not to belittle the meaning of VMWARE Oh, I actually own relatively more love VMWARE, may be familiar with some, it may be convenient for some. As we evaluate XP system and WIN7 system which, at present, supporters of XP is still relatively high, because there are a number of traditionalists, there are a number of lower computer configuration, of course, there are also a number of must now use a 32 bit system (win7 32 has become a transitional product).

Hyper-V is a Microsoft virtualization product, is based on hypervisor technology as the first Microsoft open source Vmware and Citrix with similar Xen. This also means that Microsoft will more directly compete with the market pioneer VMware. Hyper-V Windows Server 2008 as part of the most dazzling, since attracted much attention. I have also attracted the impatience, then installed 2008 R2 to test.

! computer

How to install and use HYPER V Microsoft virtual machine tutorial

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