hospitals, basically have to drop out of money! In the chain to the site, basically all is charge of news platform. I saw a very fierce hospital site, said it is not to say that the fierce optimization of hospital website more, but its anti chain. The two picture is two different sites of the same hospital data. It is a battle, the following is a station.

master the chain of nearly 81W, see its anti chain, are some news websites. There are 39 Health Network, Sina, NetEase, Tencent Chu network etc. these well-known websites, the other is a lot of local news sites, these news sites included, the weight is very high. Some people asked, how is it? Not good? Is not what I feel is not good, their articles, in addition to Sina, the NetEase are not allowed to take the anchor text, the other local news website, Ming Minglian business code can take, why don’t you take me to the anchor text? Love is why you only take the bare chain, and not to do some keyword anchor text links


2: love is not throwing money to

1: anti money distressed chain bash

1, column title: to see a lot of sites, each entity title is a name of the disease. >

, in fact, is not to say that the optimization is not money, but that is a lot of the hospital did not pay attention to the site itself ranking. Many hospitals have such psychological: when the whole network is my hospital advertisement or article, I am afraid of no return? However, you throw money at the same time, other hospitals are throwing money, then you have with others who hit more money when the money? In you, if you hire a good optimization point, make some changes to your web site, you use the powerful "money" system, the effect will be much better!


used to do online shopping industry, recently turned into the medical industry. Had heard of the medical industry are the owner of the "wealth", "competition of family background, medical" actress "fight money", after entering the medical profession, that is indeed the case, think back, my former boss is a multi buckle ah, there is a poor ah! However, I also did not adapt to the "deep pockets" approach see, some other hospital website, I feel bad! Sometimes, "pull" is not necessarily a bad thing!

some people say, not every hospital has the strong anti chain ah, really, but you see, just a little known point in the hospital site of the chain, are about 10W! Our side as a residential building as a dilapidated hospital, this year began to push the chain reached 15W


(master data)



(station data)

The medical industry make money industry you will also feel distressed

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