also want to say a little.

Since ?

some time ago light-years forum was closed, I think we should all the things, to close the forum, Chinese ping teacher himself is given, the forum has no way to improve the quality of operation, give the whole industry to help is limited, but closed forum based on this. In fact, for this explanation, many webmaster understand Shanghai dragon industry of sorrow, in large and small forums about Shanghai Longfeng or Post Bar, which share the highest flood posts, many webmaster forum to share the experience of only one purpose, that is to leave a link, if your forum is not timely, not popular Wang, so webmaster or directly at the link, then, for the forum operators, for the user’s favor is a bit too much, do not say anything else, just like the Shanghai dragon why forum, even add posts, others are original, may such a copy to copy things, there are so many people it is recognized, people sigh, Shanghai dragon west.

09 years from graduation to contact with the network, hear the most is Shanghai dragon, which in 3 years Shanghai dragon industry will be turbulent, and the first love of Shanghai bidding between the infighting (love Shanghai even once got the attention of CCTV), then is love Shanghai K out of Shanghai dragon well the website, and issued a statement in Shanghai dragon is an important work, now and then to K station in the storm, a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster webmaster exit ring, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng orders such as the price of cabbage, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in 2012 can be described with absolutely miserable, and once again let the Forum closed light station on the development environment of Shanghai Longfeng overall worried about the future of Shanghai dragon will

I think that even a power, Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong such a well-known blog could not get a clear answer, for now the Shanghai dragon industry, said it is indeed chaos chaos, but said it was not saved, but it is not so serious, sometimes a remediation industry is not a it can be summarized, but in my opinion, although we cannot development around the entire Shanghai dragon industry, but I want to improve the quality of their own, after all, the industry still has a lot of development benefits.

not only that, everyone for the Shanghai dragon’s attitude is more casual, I want to write each A5 website webmaster want to leave our link to others when reprint your article, is given at the same time point to share the experience of us, but the friends read my article reprint? When we were just the reproduced by others will delete the link or with others link, and I once experienced more sad reminder is the other side while my article is not included, directly from the station after the stolen articles, went to other webmaster forum, do I like pseudo original, thought the friend asked how I look at this thing, I said to curse it, he said no, I said forget it. Without self-discipline webmaster how to make industry motivated and purify

Shanghai Longfeng environment to the chaos and to do self construction

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