Tencent is a great emphasis on the interests of the group, no matter what you do, the first consideration is the economic benefits over the years, Tencent has made huge investment for the search, but there is no significant income return, so some Tencent impatient, this time finally reluctantly put into Sogou search, Tencent statement in order to search the development is equal to getting rid of a hot potato, put more responsibility to Sogou to bear, the Tencent will relieve a sigh. These days I have been thinking about a problem, the Tencent don’t really want to give up the search market, when the search into Sogou search, Tencent will go on to contact the search market.

, Tencent not treated seriously search, in the Tencent’s eyes, money is always the most important way of business, Tencent has been honored with money, while soso obviously cannot bring huge revenue in the short term, so the Tencent decided to give up the search, if the Tencent really promote the search, search is not as to the point of today, why Tencent in many game promotion is very hard, is not to search with some of it, as long as the Tencent with a little snack, you at least development much better than in the browser Sogou, Tencent have invested so much, why can’t the next search.

I have always thought that are

Tencent is really going to give up the search, or is preparing another search plan, perhaps in the near future, the Tencent will launch a new search engine, it is possible. Tencent simply gave up the search, many people can not accept, even an ordinary Internet users are difficult to accept the fact that Tencent can really accept it. Do not know the psychological factors, I think that Tencent will not give up so easily to search the market, because the search engine for an Internet.


maybe in the Tencent, the search market is not good, can not bring much profit, but the search engine is a very important strategy for Tencent, now mainly rely on the client, all based on QQ, if one day, when another IM is to break the monopoly of Tencent Tencent, the status is in jeopardy, including many QQ based games, when it will collapse. We said goodbye and thorough search, and 360 search is growing day by day, it seems more like a joke, the Tencent is a great irony, a Tencent so strong, even can not hold a soso.

heard the Tencent to be incorporated into Sogou soso, I do not believe this is true, if the merger is incorporated into Sogou, soso, how likely is it incorporated into Sogou soso. The Tencent has invested a lot of search and search, still no improvement, it is an indisputable fact, but this is enough to make the Tencent to abandon soso, give up the most important search engine market. Tencent do not attach importance to the search market, or Tencent or Tencent were unable to pay too much attention to the immediate economic interests, in my opinion, perhaps because the interests of some more.

Tencent really want to give up the search market

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