third, should be comprehensive analysis of long-term site and the effect of the track, probably a lot of Shanghai dragon will contact a period of time when just contact the site, but in the late stage, very few people can persist, boring thing always gets some solutions, but the long-term persistence will boring thing the conversation, this person is able to do very little, but if the long-term thinking to do website optimization effect of words, I suggest that friends can according to the special situation of the site, every day adhere to the analysis of website effect data and do the necessary site tracking!

in Shanghai Longfeng industry, and is both the rookie veteran, will meet this or that problem, although this is a common phenomenon, but few people can take the initiative to summarize, to discover, to recognize, but the wheel of history rolls forward, especially in the second half of 4. With the adjustment of the love of Shanghai gradually increases, the complete reference for some experience and lessons from the predecessors summary to once again try to do Shanghai dragon it is not too realistic, therefore, essential will face some way Shanghai Longfeng changes, these changes that really exists in what? How to the right will be sorted out some problems in the system? Today, we will according to Kim April summary, detailed to friends to share these problems! < / P>

first, in a small gold company, do encounter such a situation, the boss for the Shanghai dragon belongs to the entry-level, but feel good, so a lot of the time is to participate in the Shanghai dragon the decision of the Department, this department has given us cause great pain or pressure, also give us a lot of drawbacks, also seriously affect our team’s overall operation, so, leading the layman technology sector, is undoubtedly caused by a starting point of confusion of Shanghai dragon industry, give us cause too much pressure, this is a mistake, hope to give some advice to the boss, do this may be right

second line on the site before do Shanghai Longfeng adjustment, on-line slowly after adjustment, this undoubtedly give us pressure is incomparable, because long did Shanghai dragon friends should know that no matter what the cause in the late adjustment on the website, will involve the investigation love Shanghai, in today’s society, can successfully and safely through the investigation of love Shanghai site was very little, so, here, a little gold to friends is the best advice before the line on the site, will be the mode of the website to fixed, not Gesanchaiwu web page adjustment otherwise, if, will cause the ranking declining, this is a theorem of

fourth, the server option should also be the best in this period, as people live in the house: if a person lives in a dilapidated, haunted > all day


Some Shanghai Longfeng April summary found errors in the

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