this is the basis of a website, the infrastructure is good, the weight will naturally improve, a good article should include the following aspects. Firstly, the length of around 500 words, more than a certain number of words will let users read the article, fatigue, usually long articles suggest page display, and short articles let the user cannot obtain enough information, the author found that the forum included far before your ideal, probably because of the length of the article is not enough; secondly, the excellent article illustrated the requirements, the love of Shanghai launched a new article before the "graphic" words, the author believes that the article will be illustrated later get more weight and recommend articles to configure the appropriate interpretation of pictures and descriptions.

, the author of the site, in the right position to join the right picture.

sharing and interaction is a station dynamic performance, more share in addition to obtain high quality the chain, can promote the website friendly, I firmly believe that a useful to the user site, an interactive website for love in Shanghai is commendable, the weight should not low, but we see many websites share button in dealing with some hasty, the author suggests that the allowed conditions, it is best not to use the form of shift share button, use the picture below to share, let users find the button process, process is the loss of user interaction.

The weight of

3, increase the credibility of

As shown in figure

add proper share button, can be more conducive to the weight of the website together.

贵族宝贝zgyushiwang贵族宝贝 small jade articles from the original starting A5, please indicate the source, respect the work of others is to respect yourself.

sites are very care about weight, only the high weight of the site will have a better ranking, the increase of the weight in addition to the time domain, the chain and chain, there are some tips that we can increase the weight.

increase is not easy, through all the details can be piled up slowly. I hope more and more owners to handle the details, so as to gain more weight.

a website is like a person, honesty is the foundation of communication, we can increase the call at the station, QQ, QQ group with high reliability, convenient communication channels, users at the same time, allow users to enhance the confidence to the site; if conditions permit can be used to record companies, the author found that the record companies and V the users are more likely to gain weight.

2, sharing and interactive

1, the length of the article and photo

Small skills that increase weight

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