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said, now where are the network marketing, network marketing, but where is the real network marketing, network marketing in the Taobao store sales website??? Sales platform? And so on, do not blindly, the network marketing platform best mining best platform of their own company Taobao for what products to sell, you? Understand, cheap and practical; website sales platform of their own, their Phil is inclined to this way, have their own platform, all in their own efforts, in any case are their own professional platform and mode; or industry sales platform, in this way, to do sales in the industry website in a variety of services especially in place for traffic and purchasing popularity is the key, I remember when I was in charge of the company before, let me go.

is the most common is the title, title as the site of the door; no title Everything is nothing, an important factor in the title in the Shanghai dragon role at least temporarily in the position of 20-30, then the title, there are two of the most common problems, first, the title page is for the company to city, half I have ever seen. Is a small company website, half of them are put on their own company name even if done, after his company had the same as the Wahaha brand full of thought in the world know your company who has innumerable, but the fact is not like this, so just put on the homepage of title company; and the second case is the continuation of the first and ZhengZhan title all is the same and the home page title, then is the name of the company, or home Title created Title The home station All of these can, by changing the program, no ground for blame.

enterprise website two

The common factors of Although The common factors of is one of the common factors of enterprise website

did a lot of optimization of enterprise website, also analyzed the structure of too much, sometimes see their corporate Web site the optimization do not, structure do not have to start optimizing their Phil simple about the most common drawbacks of it, we are also in the optimization of network station often encountered so, on these, we need to adjust, the need for analysis and research.

on the common factors of the two is nothing more than the content, the website is an enterprise’s appearance, want to do sales, how to understand the company’s reputation?? newspaper? Or network, about the minimum cost this piece is the Internet, the network can be minimized to let others understand come over, but did not understand how the content, some companies I think ah, the company website is to let others see, see the product, but no news, no product introduction and so on, these, you will see? Coagulation in time before the company through the website sales, sales is not as good as Taobao? Taobao sales have thousands of words in product promotion, but our website is really a few pens, news is rarely introduced, these are not updated as a result, the user experience is a kind of hurt.

The enterprise disadvantage factors of Shanghai Longfeng website most commonly used

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