station, about the core content setting, I believe many of my friends have been told, here is not to do that. Today is mainly a description of the structure of the station, because nearly 2 days to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends find A Cong, asked a lot of questions, the author also answered them, which one is the most asked me what procedures, what template for structure? I have some helpless, in my mind in the program, and templates, as long as not too old, the code should not be too complicated, is conducive to the optimization of the. I have written before about the code optimization of the article, but at that time no one recognized, will only be considered empty. Under the picture, the so-called without the truth.

is an old station, the ranking is good, that is a must. But for a new sites, how fast to the cumulative weight, and in a short time within 1 months of the first rank? Is certainly there, but these things before do nothing, even if you say there is no penetrating, properly and logically arranged, people will appreciate. Shanghai Dragon technology is like this, so you only when you succeed, stand in the limelight when to write some experience to share, the only way to be recognized. Good words do not pull away, today’s theme is still my Phoenix Town accommodation site, in the short term played a very beautiful victory, with this momentum, today talk about some of the details of this site.

first look above, is the title and description of this site, you can ignore the keywords, because of the love of Shanghai already does not give weight, you write more wonderful is useless. But when you describe, the top 20, description and title is the key priority among priorities.

love Shanghai, I believe everyone is familiar with, but if you are please malicious brush click, it is invalid. Because you don’t really take the brush click on the users of your products no demand, will only leave hastily at the station arbitrary point of a pass, bounce rate increases. In fact have influenced you to judge the real needs of users, to your site will not go long! Even if short-term row up, once the stop brush click, you will immediately. This is bound to

As for the


so we need to go straight through the station to the real data analysis of user action, find the user really want something. And then put on the website prominently! This is the real road. How to look at the data, after a hearing will continue to share. For my description of the website, I simply stated, spent 2 days on Phoenix Town accommodation all website >

! Click on the weight of

now, today is still the leading Phoenix Town accommodation site, the ranking is still singing all the way, inn words have been washed first, of course, with the details behind the effort or need to do.

Station 30 days weight 2 ranked first win in the details

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