Beijing time on June 22nd morning news, Microsoft (micro-blog) will be on Thursday launched a new image search function, can provide better search suggestions, filters and larger thumbnails.

said Microsoft image search will be accounted for the total search 7%. This update will be the team said, "to make the picture more shine, users can more quickly find the pictures. The new design also makes the image search and image search experience will be consistent with other services.

Microsoft will these new features are placed at the top of the page, this makes the Bing image search page looks more concise, find and use more convenient. Update thumbnail pictures more pictures of the white area, narrow, relevant search list is longer, the right column also provides a list of search trends.


a few weeks ago on the general search page was redesigned and launched the image search feature updates on Tuesday. Through this update, Microsoft has improved the relevant search suggestions, users can more easily through the size, color, type and layout of image filtering.

(micro-blog) and Google image search, will be automatically zoom preview function is also provided, users only need to hover in the picture. Compared with the Google service, Bing’s preview seems to be more smooth.

Microsoft said, with this update, they will also have some research departments and Microsoft will be interesting concept of R & D department into image search results. For example, the horizontal display a horse is difficult to achieve, because these objects have a variety of visual features. The new filter bar by Microsoft Research Asia R & D department.

Search will be launched a new version of photo search suggestions and thumbnails

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