this Tuesday, Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) said, "360 search on the line for five days, the user almost no perception case quickly won nearly 10% of the domestic search market share beyond Sogou, becoming the second largest search engine."

Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi

Fu Sheng and several websites said data has been widely questioned. Analysis of the mechanism of 1000 tree data reference Alexa data released the report, the 27 major web sites have 360 search upstream. Due to several well-known data research institutions have not yet released August search market data, so the 360 search market share is not clear.

technology news site "home owners" and "Android mobile phone community forum released data show, has more than 360 search Sogou, become the second love Shanghai second major traffic sources.

"user search for quite satisfied, I believe that as long as the continuous improvement, 360 search will become a non >

has just launched 360 search business, said yesterday, "still in the testing stage". 360 of the original development orientation is the community search, although the business focus to the security field, but the search team retained, search technology in continuous development, has never stopped." 360 responsible person, the search engine technology has been developed for more than ten years, the technology is not a mystery, the search has been developed to the user experience from the technical threshold threshold.

Zhou Hongyi believes that in traffic growth than expected, Chinese users have been trained using the search in the browser and the navigation station on the habit.

search share about

360: still in the testing stage


Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) 360 of the incoming search market to bring shock". Yesterday, the company in 2012 second quarter earnings conference call, Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog) said that since the 360 push search traffic growth far exceeded expectations. Yesterday love Shanghai said on search results by 360 grab, Shanghai is love consult legal persons.

car home founder Li Xiang said yesterday, "has 360 to two times in the third row of the search engine Sogou, search for love in Shanghai 16%, no difference in the top three of the quality of the user." He believes that it is wise to do 360 search user experience continues to love Shanghai, and removed the ads, rather than large-scale innovation. For users, the habit of innovation is more important than the continuation function."

Zhou Hongyi said the search over the expected 360 growth; the search results crawl, fall in love with the sea to the legal consultation of 360 is "off line"

360 search to debut in August 16th, and become the default search engine 360 web site navigation, browser 360.

Love is 360 Hisun search whether off line for legal persons

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