since Google left China, after Shanghai love a single large, more and more owners no longer pay attention to Google PR value, the beginning of the "love Shanghai as an important basis for weight exchange links, a good understanding of website optimization. In fact, the "Shanghai love weight" does not really mean a site weight, as to why, please look at the following points.

is the author of the station, you can see from 3.10 to 3.14 in five days, "love Shanghai" the weight of numerical changes two times. This will give many webmaster confusion, don’t know when exchange links can refer to this value.

can be seen from the above questions inside, "love Shanghai weight" just love station network according to the data of the website, a numerical is given, only as a reference.


is not stableWhen many webmaster in



many webmaster think "love Shanghai weight" is a numerical love Shanghai official, is not love, Shanghai was never officially "love Shanghai" the weight of this statement. As everyone knows, "love Shanghai" the weight of the query function is love station network launched, a function is love station network in the promotion of the main propaganda. Then webmaster tools, webmaster query network also launched a similar function. The recent love station network in the "love Shanghai" the weight of the query page put a weight of some problems about love in Shanghai. See! "Article, the article explains what is" love Shanghai weight". (below)

"love Shanghai weight" is not love, the official launch of the Shanghai, the data is not too stable, then there will be some loopholes on the algorithm. So there may be some websites use loopholes, put up the weight in the short term, and then to sell the chain. This is not only the chain can’t take >

you can see from the picture, the same time query in different tools "love Shanghai weight" is not the same value, the webmaster in this time as an important reference, will cause unnecessary trouble.

now the webmaster website commonly used tools, webmaster tools, love stand nets. We first take love stand nets and webmaster tools for reference, the two sites are "love Shanghai" the weight of query function, but because of their different algorithms, finally, check out the "love Shanghai weight" is not the same value. (below)


, a non authoritative

is not unified

query "love Shanghai weight", often encounter such a problem: numerical love Shanghai weight changes frequently, slow a month, the fastest 35 days. And many times numerical changes. (below)

The webmaster don’t be infatuated with love Shanghai weight

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