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I found that the best brand in the search on the effect of PPC. When there is a direct personal search with your brand, so the visitors from the conversion for your customers is not far away. In this regard we can see the importance of the brand for an enterprise and the product, but when we optimize the brand keywords, we can use PPC to get a better effect.

for those small and medium enterprises, they have no way to put a few million per month in the PPC ad. But for the search engine marketing companies, PPC advertising still has certain value. Even if you don’t use PPC, and the use of search engine optimization technology is relatively cheaper. Based on the author’s experience, an organic campaign to see the results of Shanghai dragon will need longer time than PPC, but some of the elements of PPC can actually help to our Shanghai dragon activities. How will the PPC ads help our Shanghai dragon to share their views points.

three: improve the site’s users trust

PPC can help us carry out keyword

PPC can be used to further improve your overall network brand effect, and helps to build trust factors for visitors to your site. The more contact with the visitors, including the use of PPC advertising, social media, blogs and so on, will improve your search, and more likely to come into contact with your target audience, increase the flow of the site, the final conversion for customers.

two: the promotion of online brand building

I think we should point out that some owners said they had noticed, they spend money on Google Adword is proportional to the organic ranking. This Google denial about organic ranking of special on consumption in the Adword site with care. In my opinion, there are many aspects of the relationship between our Shanghai dragon and PPC, but these relationships did not directly affect the organic ranking of the site, can only say that for our site to promote the Shanghai dragon "

implementation of a PPC benefit is that you can quickly get a lot of important data, these data will then be applied to our project in Shanghai dragon. This includes keyword research we Shanghai dragon. The webmaster can pass the PPC test of several related keywords and the effect of the role of keywords into our Shanghai dragon in. We don’t have that kind of need to optimize the past two or three months to see the words have no effect. By this method we can find out the key words more accurately, it can give you a more correct direction, make your site faster development. Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, if you can cut off some uncertainties, such as keyword research, will be your site optimization has a good role in promoting.


How to help you PPC advertising Shanghai Dragon

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