keywordsThe first day:


day corresponding to the above two data report can assess a simple data analysis and keyword dialogue cost, the same week every month the data can be pulled out to do with the keyword analysis report, but some people will ask the weekly and monthly data comparison of a keyword to a contrastive analysis is not a waste of time the bearded man? Will focus on how to quickly analyze data in weekly and monthly report, please look forward to. Original transfer >

second: Business Dialogue keyword Statistics (including matching keywords to account accurate statistics)


what kind of keywords is worth you to focus on the promotion of key analysis? A bidding will think the word seems more focused on patients who will go to search, we will put down popular keywords as the main focus on the key words, but often this part of key words is harm to many hospitals, due to the cost of keywords by leaps and bounds although this kind of word dialogue but the day you will find the dialogue cost too high, the wolf little more meat. This is, each hospital want to divide the cake but finally love Shanghai will put this piece of cake worth more and faster, so each must do the bidding keywords to analyze the investment returns whether reasonable, your reservation cost the cost of treatment cost dialog

is money?

account by clicking on the download a

why so many hospitals are discussed in our hospital promotion fee every day with a day less than a day? The first said the personal views of each city now preferred auction market is the incentive, each hospital directors have money, they just hit me for the first, the market environment do not speak. The key is whether you understand the Department of disease promotion, promotion of your keywords is reasonable, whether your keywords promotion consultant can translate down, whether you spread the keywords for data analysis.

will go to the hospital and some analysis of the first twenty words consumption is the most expensive, and some even do the analysis is not directly open up. Now do the bidding promotion with don’t feel to go, according to their daily reports and analysis of key words with the promotion, first below simply said: how to analyze

your promotion Keywords errors such as: No, what to eat after curettage surgery bleeding after operation of stream of people, this kind of keywords although flow is high but it is almost impossible to bring into the keyword or do or, to a certain time to delete the negative, there are many hospitals spreading and prone to problems, some in the local hospital keywords to the hospital, but after a province of a city that the key requires the audit was suspended, for example: the word of ovarian cyst in a local hospital must be to the hospital, but you have to put these patients to get the provincial hospital that is really too difficult, so each hospital should promote and go in order to better communicate management consulting.

How to improve the RO Keywords data analysis of hospital network promotion

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