two site. The owners of the home station and love have this tool, including love Shanghai webmaster tools also have this feature, but according to the author’s experience, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools slow response, but still need to be improved. The first home owners, the owners of the house because the data is accurate, quick.

Four, Dead link chain and detection of Detection of

Shanghai dragon Er every day, to write original, to do outside the chain, but also make pictures, every day a lot of things, so often use the Shanghai dragon tools, can save time for work, to a certain extent can even have a direct impact on the website or website ranking optimization. The author is the domestic enterprises, mainly to do is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the author will introduce some love Shanghai Shanghai dragon common tools:

There are a lot of things to do

three, friends of the chain website. To be a hard-working webmaster, detection of the chain of friends every day is necessary, whether the purchase is a chain, or exchange chain, should check the site to see there is no real time, friends of the chain is K or turn off the site, and others secretly removed your chain and so on, including JS code, nofflow tags, which should be through the webmaster tools to check. The owners of the house and love stand nets have this function, display more clearly, including the website address, and other key sites, noffolw tags are displayed.

1.360 browser. There are two webmaster tools. 360 open the browser, click on the center of development, then click on the classification, there is a website information plug-in, the tool real-time display website PR value and nobility baby Alexa ranking information for the website PR value and Alexa data we see has lost a lot of time, direct display, do not use webmaster tools to check. There is a webmaster tools plugin that it has 1 functions, website ranking, included, anti chain information query; 2, web site keywords ranking; 3, Whois domain name query; 4, domain name registration information query; 5, website security detection function, can detect trojan website vulnerabilities, tampering and other information. This is my two plugins for more convenient, fast, don’t need to open the site to check.

browser plug-in. A browser plug-in, here I would like to emphasize that, because many owners do not have the habit of using the plug-in, actually use browser plug-ins, can save a lot of time.

2.360 speed browser and Google browser. In fact, 360 speed browser is Valley >

, a website. And chain query tools included. The main home owners and love station network and webmaster helper nets of these three sites. One of the owners of the house and love station network will use more, if you want to view a web site data, combined with each other to recommend the use of two point of view, the home station data is not complete, but love station data can be seen for many days, love is station website data is not updated in a timely manner, but also the webmaster the preferred tool.

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Tools ntroduction

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