well, it is my present that the causes of this phenomenon, if you have other views, can leave a message, we exchange more! Exchanges can only progress, welcome Paizhuan!


1: the website in early 301 which has not been turned to

method: first of all, don’t give these web site weight, let him slowly reduce weight. Again is to wait, let it slowly the weight transfer.

drop right with the weight of WWW leads. You may feel a bit of fog, high weight, called down right? In fact here that the high weight is down right, is refers to the excessive optimization we do in the optimization, and accumulated to take www home, if the home page weight in the beginning weight is not high, this is also the natural in a short period of time unable to digest. This also is a optimization caused by excessive. Who has done in 301 after the turn, with no www weights without www high weight, but other than (column, article) is high, the natural home page weight scattered elsewhere, with WWW weight will increase, will also cover the right to be reduced with the WWW home page.

method: the only will resume page weight for the specific recovery method, here not elaborate (according to the site’s case against the existing symptoms,

3: www without web crawling over www

! In this paper

was 301, with 301 sites do not turn to Article column was collected, and love Shanghai 301 to need some time to reflect, weight transfer.

: Teng Chongqing marine Shanghai dragon blog: 贵族宝贝haiyang Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/964 

processing methods: and the first way is similar, then in the chain, pay more attention to their standard links to

) This is mainly because the ! The company website

2: the site is down right

recently had a series of problems, and the belt or not WWW, is what I have been trying to figure out what (looking at heart uncomfortable HA), clearly made 301 directional, why, but more than one station. So I spend a little time to analyze this problem, the following is the Chongqing Shanghai dragon people think there will be some factors of this problem, we feel useful on the top of Kazakhstan, is purely personal point of view


this possibility is very low, after all, do not take the WWW 301 after the site was most to www. But if in the chain, not www. More than WWW, there will be the problem, so everyone in the chain, must own URL, under the regulation of small errors will lead to a big mistake!

On site without WWW ranking is larger than that of WWW

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