love love Shanghai for Shanghai know to give high weight, the chain is a very good choice in the above, the proper methods can also do some long tail keywords, this will bring good traffic to the site, so many webmaster very love this platform, love to love. Please do not forget to love Shanghai know is to provide a platform for visitors, this is the love of Shanghai’s original intention, but now there are many webmaster do a lot of spam in the use of this platform, it is intolerable for the love of Shanghai. So now that love Shanghai increasingly stringent audit, the pass rate is very low, love Shanghai know now so difficult to do, so we have to give up? Of course not, how to reasonable use of the platform, the company publicity out, this is every webmaster should consider the question, here I will summarize in recent years, Shanghai know sex experiences to share with you and

second: ask questions, try not to ask too similar problems, from one word tone, format it is easy to judge these questions, for a person. If you want to ask questions to ask your friends, how are they asking questions, everyone is not the same for questioning tone and manner. If you are always a person to ask, even occasionally through the audit, perhaps you one day, suddenly was sealed, all your questions will be deleted, love Shanghai do this without warning, so we do this must notice, cannot do without hard.

: the first with the account with IP can not ask too frequently, some Adsense just registered a number, then ask questions frequently, to facilitate their own answers, but have not thought about how a person may have so many problems? This is very unreasonable, the search engine has high intelligence, it has reason tell the account or IP have doubts, if you keep asking you this account is likely to be K.

fourth: adopted when not too fast and I think the reason we understand it, you take this problem today is very fast, and tomorrow to adopt a soon accumulated love Shanghai will produce strong challenge to you, to the end of the development is the title. Why do you think?. If you ask a question, a lot of people to answer, you will immediately take? Impossible, you would think the answer is more with their own requirements. The general adoption of the time after 3 days can be, so it looks more natural.

third: about the answers, some people love when do answer, has arranged beforehand, as long as there is one question, regardless of the consequence immediately replied, regardless of whether the relationship between your answer and the other problem is, this blind answer will only let visitors make network more disgusted this type of garbage, human intervention is not the answer, love Shanghai very love. In fact, many people underestimate the intelligent love Shanghai, will make their efforts in vain.

fifth: the adoption rate is not too high.

Love of Shanghai know five high voltage lines

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