the content of the web site to high quality and proper updates. In a timely manner appropriate to update the website content, >

"as far as possible the use of static pages, especially home.

page article list to make use of HTML tags. "The news headlines, the list is used to label, to all kinds of search engines, improve the site’s ranking. The directory structure of the site is set, the page elements for effective naming. The establishment of a English site folder named. Including inside each column folder, folder, folder and other animation pictures a separate category folder, so when the maintenance of the website can always find the specific location of each page elements.

it is understood that previously engaged in web design personnel most know how to design a website for the website optimization is poorly understood, many insiders are not what the concept of website optimization. However, the optimization work site is composed of many aspects of the optimization. As a good optimization of website development engineer to master not only the optimization of website design but also master the web programming code. How to go to the website optimization? I think the optimization of the site should be considered from the following two aspects:

unified "encoding format using UTF-8 encoding format. For domestic users do "is generally used in GB2312 encoding (simplified Chinese), but the GB2312 encoding is only suitable for simplified Chinese Webpage. With the trend of economic globalization, we should choose to support any language encoding format, the normal state can make any country users see pages, using Unicode in this case (UTF 8) encoding is very important. The web page layout system by div and CSS. Div CSS is the biggest advantage: flexible layout, code clarity, easy to modify, redundant code is very small, making the performance of code and modified code are separated from each other, just change a few lines of code can make the page changing in different style, also easy to search engine, search included, as pure as big a small table layout table table. Modify it very troublesome, redundant code very much.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the application of search engines, especially some enterprises to better attract the attention, always hope in front of their sites in other similar sites and want more quickly to open the page in the same speed conditions, you must consider how to optimize the website, so as to achieve the objective of an enterprise?

website optimization is a new term with the development of network technology appears, is an effective means to improve the "open rate and website ranking, its most notable feature is: through the reasonable design of the website function, page layout, web content, source program code and other elements, the website content and function to achieve the best effect on the form of user friendly and easy to promotion, give full play to the advantages of web site.


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