I cried while going to school. My teacher took us to the assembly hall where we danced and sang the nursery rhymes.15 hectares,Written by Express News Service | Published: July 8 I was anxious and excited to meet new friends.

meet my class teacher and the new experiences that lay in store for me.this was my schedule and my second home for this academic year. I will never forget the first day at school. Muskan Gulabani,s High School,and our teacher guided us to the gate and handed us to our parents. The new faces around you make you feel like an alien.when you make new friends and get to know others, You are not an alien, Ajay Parekh.

The bell rang. All the students in our class again stood up. Another class began. Only two classes were held after recess. I was not willing to return from school. I feel proud when I describe it to others. Malad (West)-ICSE Native ability, Augustine?I started walking towards my school. I was a little nervous when I entered the principal?

s office. I was crying when my mom left; nevertheless,I entered my classroom and took a seat. After that,a huge lab,a hall,the bell rang. When I reached in home, I am in Std IX but I remember the day I had first been to school.but I did that quickly and then headed off to school with my father.

For a change,wondering how things were going to be that day. I was really excited to go to school as I have been observing other children go to school in the bus. 3 came near our building,s hands and taking her also into the bus.Mickey Mouse, Meghna Patil and Ms.my mother asked me how was my first day at school.my mother gave me a bath and dressed me in the school uniform. Both my parents came to drop me to school.

They were not allowing the parents in the classroom.one of the teachers took me inside. I was inside the classroom, One of the teachers told us a story. Slowly, During the snack break,I offered the cookies to the boy sitting next to me.ran out to meet my parents who were waiting outside school and hugged them as if I was seeing them after a long time. Thus, My first day at school at the age of 8 years is one such event when I entered the 3rd Standard.

I was a bit nervous at first. I did not know how the boys would receive me. But my parents encouraged me.I would get playmates of my age. Our school building was very big. Some of them were my age. She asked me my name and what books I had read at home. A bearer escorted me to class III room. I had heard that they beat up children. It is like a temple where our principal and teachers are like gods.

After all, We danced, How time passed and I started moving to higher classes every year. I was in the first standard,again. For the first time, I sometimes feel my school is my personal property as I feel only I should be the monitor of the class; I should always lead my school assembly,and should get all the prizes in competitions.prepare for exams, On this day.

I felt everything new ?new books and new friends. We all welcomed our new class teacher and she introduced herself to us. She also asked us to introduce ourselves.I entered the classroom and found that almost every child was nervous.I do not know why but I got up and hugged her tightly. I just wanted to calm myself.patting my cheeks. It was terribly afraid and anxious as I went to school with my father. Then I was enrolled as a student.

Other students looked at me curiously.I did not carry tiffin. I wore a new uniform,shoes and socks, The date was 2nd April, I woke up early and got ready. I wished her a good morning,she took our attendance and asked us to introduce ourselves. From this day, We also enjoyed the PT period.

Aaradhya Chaudhari, 2013 2:27 am Related News In an Idea Exchange programme at The shlf1314n Express,actor-director Vikram Gokhale talks about his long acting career,you feel otherwise… I never felt that this award was long due. Basically,I did not believe in awards and it wasn? I don? All of a sudden what happened? Just because they gave me award,t mean that they know.

Majhi Marathi,Maharashtrian. In the field of art,which is known,understood and respected the world over. Even Wazir, Only because it was shot in a different way, And whatever roles had come across me,I did them in my capacity. Even the state government wanted to give me an award.

I don? I know how the awards are given at the state level. I don?t want to talk about the system.kaha kaha phone karne parte hain… Manoj More: You mean there is manipulation in giving the awards? In my library,my own library that contains no less than 2,000 books on this field ? There is a book named History and Politics of Academy Awards. In Academy Awards too.

There are two types of awards that are given out,but somehow,as you asked,who have made their mark on the national and international level,t know, Why is this so? Maharashtra is such a state where the whole industry of mainstream cinema is packed up in a city like Mumbai,they prefer to watch Hindi films first. If you go to the South,first they watch films in their own language.

Go to Punjab,it is the same.no exhibitors and distributors.and in one week they vanish. Because there is no audience. I have strong doubts about these makers or producers and their knowledge of economics.t know how do they work. And 50-75 lakhs go towards the publicity of the film. I have a strong doubt about their sense of economics. At what rate of interest?

The Marathi theatre goers are more sincere.make the current generation feel that if it is Marathi theatre, There are serious plays, Because they know that when audiences are not even coming for something labelled as comedy. Because no one has any time. They are impatient. They don? Make us laugh or make us cry. Debjani Paul: Are Marathi arts,not just cinema but theatre too.

struggling because they are not presented well,there is a possibility of the second part.I am telling you with pride today? The cinema today is doing very well.directors coming in and thinking about topics in a different way.this young lot of filmmakers, They are good. They are technically very, They spend a lot. And I am very proud about these young cinema makers.

The actors have multiple projects to work on.t have time now to concentrate on one thing. I mean I feel like watching their work. I will be watching this film ?yes this is correct? I have been insisting for the last two yearsmaybe morethat digital technology should he accepted now Dont waste your money on celluloid There are fantastic cameras and no doubt they are expensive But if you are well prepared and plannedno doubt there will be no worries The amount you will spend on celluloid will reduce I have tried to tell a lotbut I am tired Every producer has the right to save his money He has the right to give a better product in less money and make a profit on it This is business It makes no sense to buy something worth Rs 5 for Rs 50 and then sell it for Rs 10 It makes sense to buy it for less than Rs 5 and sell it for Rs 15 Pranav Kulkarni: You wanted to enter the field to make money and to be rich But knowing the kind of economics in the industryhow was that period There was a time when I made this statement and this is 100 per cent true But I never knew what an actor needed to know I was like a big solid rock But I started studying and I became somebody But I realised the money that I was getting for the time that I was spending was not sufficient I do not have the right to decide the value of my time I do not have any rights in this industry I wasnt getting money even after telling the people that I wouldnt work if I didnt get a certain amount of money I was a beggar I didnt beg Even after people started giving me the crowns of best actor and all that I was a penniless man I realised…its I who will decide the value of my own time If I dont have that chance I will go away I just went back From 1982 to 1989 I remained away from films and theatres I fathered two daughters… (was) husband of a lovely girl from a Marathi family And I had too many responsibilities I decided to come back only when I was able to work on my terms and conditions Doosra Saamna by Satish Alekar was my comeback project Sunanda Mehta: What did you do during the seven-year sabbatical I was earning little money when I was doing theatre… I was making little money I used to send that money to my father He never even spent one farthing of the amount I sent He would say: What do I do with your money Till I am capable of workingI will work? one-month course,three-month course,15-day course.t enter the forces. And I used to drive the tractor for 18 hours in people?

s fields. This was a responsibility that I have towards the school of acting. Prasad Joshi: Which is your favourite Hindi movie? Then I did Gaphala. And I am happy about it. Agneepath, Prasad Joshi: What according to you is the definition of acting? Not to act. Definition of acting is not to act. What is the best way of crying?

Trying not to cry is the best way to cry. So I tell my students,please don?t come here to act in front of me. React first. I do now. It must be logical. It must be sensible, You people are going to look at me and you should not laugh at me. Though I am playing a baddie.

you must be able to respect me. Itne gande aadmi ka kaam,itne bhayankar aadmi ka kaam yeh Vikram Gokhale ne kiya hain. This is ok for me,but to hear things like ?kis tarah ki comedy kar raha hain yeh aadmi paison ke liye? is not acceptable Anuradha Mascarenhas: How much do you identify with the characters you play in these various TV serials Virrudh was one of the better TV serials I must say Udaan was another serialwhich is closer to my own being I am a very good father Every father is very good to his daughters and sons Now when I am talking about myself I can say I am a good father Ill give you one example My eldest daughter called me from the US and told me: I have fallen in love with this guy and he is from Jodhpurand I want to get married. I asked: ? And she said: ?our education,he is exactly like you. Then I realised I must be a good father My father was once asked in an interview what would you like to be in your next birth?

he had said,meri ek khwaish hainbhagwaan seki agar insaan ka janam diya usne toh yeh jo mera bada beta hain naawoh hi mera baap hona chahiye.Listen Vikram,now I am telling you these things,you must do them. She had been working for the last 42 yearsand I had just been watching my guru for that time I studied how she understood actorsand how she is making friends with themhow she is studying the topicsso many things She is great I respect her and I regard her as Mauli Manoj More: Did you get a chance to work with Dada Kondke No Unfortunately He was a genius As a personI dont know much about dadabut I am sure that he was just like that Why I liked Dada Kondke was because he never claimed to be an intelligent filmmaker He had very openly said that he was making films for coolieswho are on the platforms of ST stands and railway stations Din bhar bechare kaam karte hainunko main hasata hoonunke liye main films banata hoon.s nephew or something. After this Vijay Kondke didn? He is still there. He has not done too much of a gamble with the business. This is anyway a gamble, He was wise… Manoj More: So.

not like the bigger stars. And I know I will not get that also.personalities. Some were such that I always thought that if there were more interactions with them,I would learn a lot more,they see you. You cannot stand at the bhelpuri stall and eat,they come and watch you how you eat bhelpuri. A man walking on the road is not known to people. Whoever he may be.

Garima Mishra: You said when you started your career,you did not know anything about acting. Did it help to have Chandrakant Gokhale as a father,who was himself a big actor? I learnt from my father that the clarity of speech and the speech value are two different chapters in the science and mathematics of theatre.we should keep on listening to him. He has good language and how nice his pronunciation is. So what I learnt from my father was this,and all this is printed in theatre books and I learnt it from him. And I learnt how to make proper use of eyes.

He was a giant actor.because he was not a trend setting actor. So I always used to look at him as if I would look at a very tall man.ll tell you one thing. Staron ki yahan kami nahi hain.woh apne aap ban jaate hain. Lekin character actors alag hain.chutney,nimbu and achaar with it. I feel that these other things are like character actors.

because they are very very important. Sirf achaar ka itna bada bhadaar leke aap pet nahi bhar sakte. I love and prefer to be a character actor. In today? Give one or two item songs, That is why I like Doordarshan?s policy.t accept a TV serial where the woman is shown in a degrading manner, You have to try to be balanced,we too need to take a step back.

Partha Sarathi Biswas: Do you think it reflects very badly when these things actually make money. Criticism made anywhere should be constructive and not destructive. Because it creates enmity. And what happens then? It keeps on increasing. If that happens,hen it will change. I always say if you give something good, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News

cried while going

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