first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, July 25, 2016 – Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Florida, Romania, Brazil, Texas., Barbados, China, Slovenia, California County, Russia, Ohio, Spain and Trinidad and Tobago have something very critical in common; they all reported to the world and local community their very first case of Zika.  In the Turks and Caicos, knowledge about Zika did not come on case one, or two, or three or four… but the resident and travelling public are only now knowing when the country hits case number five.  The question for our government is why, why are we only knowing of this global health emergency illness, after five cases are recorded in the country.In doing our digging, country by country, the pattern is virtually the same for all jurisdictions… that as soon as they got that first case confirmed, the nation and the world were told.  The TCI Ministry of Health has a reputation now of holding back on the impact of communicable and non communicable illnesses in the country… it took five months for the Ministry to speak publicly on Chicken Pox; problems of Norovirus within this year and previous years were swept under the rug; media was confronted with a walk out by the former health minister when there were too many questions regarding Chikungunya and there were similar postures with Swine Flu and Dengue Fever.On Sunday, following a statement by his Ministry of Health, Premier Dr Rufus Ewing issued a national statement of his own which promised that his team would continue to work hard to keep cases down.  However, there is slim chance of success there, as regulations to give Environmental Health and DECR more power of arrest are stagnant and there are dozens of undocumented communities which have their own utility systems which prove to be ripe breeding grounds for mosquitoes; plus there is a vexing problem of nastiness in our two main tourism islands.  Our people toss garbage everywhere and litter is prolific especially in the main tourist hub of The Bight.We are working on the Ministry of Health as Magnetic Media believes the public deserves to know why we never knew of the first confirmed case of Zika virus, which is spread primarily by mosquitoes.  Incidentally, we found that one of the nations where cases of Zika were never reported for months and months and months to its residents and guests was nearby Haiti; they simply did not say and now the country where there are up to three commutes a day from Provo, is reportedly overrun.  Meanwhile the rain continues, and that means breeding grounds for mosquitoes are under construction.last_img

Five cases of Zika in TCI before the country was made aware

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