first_imgWhat’s the latest on the coming heat wave? Check our local weather coverage.In case you missed them, here are some of the top stories from the weekend:Luyster murder trial cost Clark County $374,594Brent Luyster’s triple-murder case captured the public’s interest from across the nation and was arguably one of Clark County’s most notorious in recent years. It was also one of the most expensive.Luyster’s case was the county’s second-most expensive in the last decade, according to public records obtained and analyzed by The Columbian.Less than $1,000 separated Luyster’s total defense costs from the costliest case, a 2011 case in which Dennis Wolter was convicted of aggravated murder. And Luyster’s defense cost taxpayers more than three times Darrin Sanford’s 2009 aggravated murder case.Clark County Indigent Defense spent $374,594 on Luyster, compared with $375,439 on Wolter and $111,571 on Sanford, according to Indigent Defense Manager Ann Christian. And that doesn’t count the costs of the initial investigation and prosecuting the case, which are virtually impossible to calculate.Read the full story: Luyster murder trial cost Clark County $374,594last_img

Morning Press Luyster trial cost Portland commute 179th interchange 105 years of

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