first_imgMotorola’s new logo is more than just a final step into being recognized as a Google company, but also serves as instant verification for the photos of the Moto X we’ve seen for a while.There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Moto X. In a world where the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are seen as giants battling back and forth for the hearts and wallets of the smartphone gearhead, many Android fans are hoping this new Motorola comes out of the gate with a phone that can keep up with these flagships. The leaks and rumors for the Moto X have painted the picture of a decent mid-range phone, not really as powerful as we’d hoped but full of unique new ideas. Each of these leaked photos has had the Motorola M in a strange dotted circle. With this new logo, this symbol makes a lot more sense.Whether this will be in the finished product, or is just a part of identifying these pre-production models, the Motorola M in the top left corner of the phone is a much nicer touch than previous Motorola branding efforts, some of which include the name spelled out across a bright silver strip above the speaker grill. Since it looks better to have the circle in white instead of the segmented rainbow seen in this new announcement, it makes sense that they would break it up a bit to help maintain the design idea.So there you have it. The new Motorola: A Google Company, and some additional evidence that the Moto X leaks are accurate and this phone really is right around the corner. Currently it is suspected that the week ending July and beginning August is when Motorola will make this phone official. A big factor here for Motorola in the success of this American made phone will be the pricing and availability. The phone has been spotted now on AT&T as well as Sprint, and CEO Dennis Woodside has already expressed a desire to see the phone on as many carriers around the world as possible.last_img

New Motorola logo confirms Moto X photo leaks

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