first_imgUnlike Sony, Microsoft was happy to reveal exactly what its new console looked like earlier this week. And now another question has been answered: what will the Xbox One game cases look like?The design has been outed thanks to a listing on Amazon for Forza Motorsport 5. There, as above, you can see the front and sides of the box, and it certainly looks a lot cleaner to me.The plastic box has retained a green color (although a darker solid green than the Xbox 360 cases) that’s always been associated with Xbox games, but the Xbox One logo is set just on green rather than the white and green design the Xbox 360 box logo had. We also don’t have that purple strip under the logo announcing Kinect support. And we shouldn’t ever need to see it there again because Kinect ships with the Xbox One as standard.The rest of the front cover design seems pretty much the same, but the actual dimensions of the Xbox One box look different to me. In fact, it looks more squashed and similar to PS3 game cases. This may turn out to not be the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a move away from standard DVD case dimensions now Microsoft has embraced Blu-ray discs.As Sony already has a fairly different case design for PS3 games, I’m more intrigued to see what they do for PS4 games. Will it be an even smaller case, somewhere in between the PS3 and PS Vita cases? Or something quite different?last_img

Xbox One case design revealed by Forza 5 listing

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